Standard Bank Unveils Groundbreaking “RLN046” Equity Notes

  • The Standard Bank of South Africa introduces "RLN046" Equity Index Linked Notes, reshaping investment possibilities.
  • These notes offer innovative settlement through ETFs, demonstrating the bank's commitment to dynamic solutions.
  • Investors must review the Pricing Supplement for detailed terms, fostering informed decisions and market understanding.

In a bold move that could reshape the investment landscape, The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited has unveiled its latest financial instrument, the “RLN046” Equity Index Linked Notes. This groundbreaking offering not only adds a new dimension to the local financial market but also demonstrates the bank’s commitment to innovation and diversification.

The announcement, made on August 30, 2023, comes as a turning point for investors seeking dynamic ways to engage with the equity market. The JSE Limited’s approval for listing the RLN046 notes is a testament to their potential and the bank’s strong reputation as a financial innovator. These notes, sponsored by The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited, will be issued under its Structured Note Programme, aligning with its strategic vision to expand investment horizons for South African investors.

A Look at RLN046 Equity Index Linked Notes:

Key InformationDetails
Issue DateAugust 30, 2023
Nominal IssuedZAR 60,254,000.00
Redemption BasisEquity Index Linked
Issue Price100%
Number of Notes60,254 Notes
Declaration DateFebruary 3, 2027 (subject to Preceding Business Day Convention)
Last Date to TradeFebruary 17, 2027 (subject to Preceding Business Day Convention)
Suspension DateFebruary 18, 2027
Record DateFebruary 22, 2027
Maturity/Delivery DateMarch 2, 2027 (subject to adjustments as detailed in the Pricing Supplement)
De-Listing DateMarch 3, 2027
Business Day ConventionPreceding Business Day
Placement AgentThe Standard Bank of South Africa Limited

These notes are designed to provide investors with a unique avenue to participate in the equity market, offering both potential for returns and an opportunity for diversification. The RLN046 notes stand as a testament to The Standard Bank of South Africa Limited’s continuous drive to empower its clients with innovative financial instruments.

Pioneering Settlement Mechanism:

One of the distinguishing features of the RLN046 notes is their settlement mechanism. The notes will be physically settled by the delivery of Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), as specified in the Pricing Supplement. This innovative approach showcases the bank’s commitment to offering practical solutions that resonate with the evolving needs of investors. Holders of the RLN046 notes can look forward to receiving the ETFs on the Maturity/Delivery Date, scheduled for March 2, 2027, subject to adjustments outlined in the Pricing Supplement.

Navigating the Market with RLN046:

Investors are encouraged to thoroughly review the Pricing Supplement accompanying the RLN046 notes. This document provides comprehensive insights into the specific terms and conditions applicable to this issuance. While the investment potential is promising, understanding the intricacies of the offering is essential for making informed decisions.



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