Motus Holdings Shines: 16% Revenue Surge Amid Global Challenges

  • Motus Holdings reports strong 16% revenue growth to R106.3 billion and 19% EBITDA growth to R8.08 billion.
  • Despite global economic challenges, the company showcases resilience with positive contributions from all business segments.
  • The South African automotive industry remains robust, and Motus achieved a 19.8% retail market share, driving growth.

Motus Holdings Limited has released its short-form summarised consolidated results for the year ended June 30, 2023. Despite facing headwinds in a global economy marked by inflation, rising interest rates, and consumer confidence challenges, the company demonstrated sustained strategic progress and a strong trading performance.

Financial Highlights

Motus showcased its resilience by delivering positive financial results despite a challenging economic environment. Key financial highlights include:

  • Revenue Growth: The company’s revenue surged by 16% to R106,321 million, up from R91,978 million in 2022. This growth was achieved through increased contributions from various segments, including new vehicle sales, parts sales, pre-owned vehicle sales, and services.
  • EBITDA Improvement: Earnings before interest, taxation, depreciation, and amortisation (EBITDA) increased by 19% to R8,083 million, compared to R6,785 million in the previous year.
  • Operating Profit: Operating profit saw a 14% increase to R5,723 million, up from R5,029 million in 2022. This improvement was driven by positive contributions from Aftermarket Parts, Retail and Rental, and Mobility Solutions segments.
  • Dividends: Motus declared a total dividend per share of 710 cents, consistent with the previous year. An interim dividend of 300 cents per share was paid, and a year-end dividend of 410 cents per share will be paid in October 2023.
  • Net Asset Value: Net asset value per share grew by 25% to 10,189 cents per share, indicating the company’s value creation and asset growth.
  • Earnings per Share: Earnings per share (EPS) increased by 6% to 2,008 cents per share, demonstrating the company’s ability to generate profitability even in challenging conditions.

Segment Performance

Motus operates across various segments, including Import and Distribution, Retail and Rental, Mobility Solutions, and Aftermarket Parts. Despite the economic challenges, all segments contributed positively to the company’s overall performance:

  • Aftermarket Parts: This segment showed significant growth, with a 52% increase in revenue. It played a crucial role in reducing the company’s dependency on vehicle sales and strengthening its integrated business model.
  • Retail and Rental: The Retail and Rental segment recorded a 14% growth in revenue, indicating steady recovery in the automotive and vehicle rental sectors.
  • Mobility Solutions: Despite the challenges, Mobility Solutions achieved a 9% increase in revenue, driven by value-added products and services (VAPS).
  • Import and Distribution: While this segment experienced a more moderate growth of 3%, it remained a solid contributor to the company’s overall performance.

Global Economic Challenges

Motus acknowledged the global economic challenges it faced, including the slowdown in economic growth, high inflation, rising interest rates, and increased fuel and energy costs. The company also highlighted the impact of consumer and business confidence on the market.

South African Market

The South African automotive industry, a vital contributor to the country’s economy, confronted its own set of challenges, including rising interest rates, high inflation, a weaker currency, power supply outages, and supply chain disruptions. Despite these hurdles, the industry showed resilience and growth. According to naamsa, the South African new vehicle market experienced strong growth, with new vehicle sales exceeding expectations. Motus achieved a retail market share of approximately 19.8% for the 12-month period.

United Kingdom and Australia

Motus operates internationally in the United Kingdom and Australia. Both markets faced economic challenges, including increasing living costs, higher interest rates, and accelerating inflation. However, the UK new vehicle market displayed resilience and grew by 12.1% for the 12 months to June 2023. Australia’s automotive industry remained competitive, with the market growing by 10.3% for the same period.

Strategic Initiatives

Motus attributed its success to strategic initiatives that focus on scale, integration, differentiation, and entrepreneurial leadership. The company’s diversified portfolio, international expansion, and innovation have contributed to its ability to weather economic challenges and maintain a leading position in the market.

Outlook and Prospects

Despite the ongoing economic challenges, Motus anticipates delivering revenue growth and stable operating profit for the six months ending December 2023. The company expects its strong financial position, generated through healthy operating profits and effective cost management, to support its growth ambitions.

Board Changes

Motus also announced changes to its board of directors during the year. These changes reflect the company’s commitment to governance, diversity, and ethical leadership. The board’s role in guiding the company’s strategy and ensuring accountability remains crucial to its continued success.


Motus Holdings Limited’s financial results for the year ending June 2023 underscore its resilience and adaptability in the face of challenging economic conditions. The company’s strategic focus on diversification, internationalisation, and innovation has positioned it for sustainable growth and value creation, both in South Africa and on the global stage. Despite the uncertainties, Motus remains committed to its mission of providing automotive mobility solutions while enhancing shareholder value.



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