CEO of Sasol

Simon Baloyi Named CEO of Sasol Amid Climate Challenges


    • Leadership Transition: Sasol, South Africa’s prominent revenue-generating company, announced the appointment of Simon Baloyi as its new President and CEO, succeeding Fleetwood Grobler. Baloyi, with a rich history at Sasol and extensive expertise, is poised to lead the company from April 1, 2024.
    • Climate Challenges: Sasol faces mounting pressure to adhere to climate targets, exemplified by its failed bid to secure exemptions for sulfur dioxide emissions and opposition from major asset managers due to its shortcomings in meeting environmental goals.
    • Strategic Shift: Baloyi’s appointment comes during a critical period for Sasol, signaling a strategic shift in leadership amid challenges. The Board expresses confidence in Baloyi’s abilities to steer the company through these difficulties, highlighting his strategic vision, leadership skills, and deep operational knowledge.

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