CI Faces Significant Earnings Decline: Basic EPS Down 74.7% to 84.7%

Hosken Consolidated Investments Limited (HCI) has recently released a trading statement for the year ending March 31, 2024. This statement provides a snapshot of the company’s financial performance and highlights key factors influencing its earnings.

Expected Earnings Decline

HCI anticipates a substantial decrease in both basic earnings per share (EPS) and headline EPS compared to the previous reporting period. The expected decline ranges from 74.7% to 84.7% for basic EPS and from 24.1% to 34.1% for headline EPS. This significant downturn raises questions about the underlying factors contributing to such a pronounced shift in earnings.

Impact Oil and Gas Losses

A major contributor to the earnings decline is the equity losses incurred by HCI’s investment in Impact Oil and Gas. The company reported losses amounting to R528 million, primarily driven by Africa Energy Corp.’s downward fair value adjustments. This highlights the volatility and risk associated with investments in the energy sector, where market fluctuations can have a substantial impact on financial performance.

Casino License and Asset Impairments

HCI also recorded impairments related to its casino licenses and property, plant, and equipment used in gaming operations. The impairments totaled a significant R2 716 million for casino licenses and R86 million for assets. These impairments stem from higher interest rates and slower income growth, leading to a reassessment of casino precinct valuations. Such impairments underscore the challenges faced by companies operating in sectors sensitive to economic conditions and regulatory changes.

Auditor Review and Financial Transparency

It’s important to note that the information provided in HCI’s trading statement has not been reviewed or reported on by the company’s auditors. This lack of auditor oversight raises questions about the accuracy and reliability of the reported figures. Investors and stakeholders should exercise caution and await the audited financial statements for a more comprehensive and validated view of HCI’s financial health.

Financial Results Release

HCI expects to publish its financial results around May 23, 2024. This release will provide detailed insights into the company’s performance across various financial metrics, allowing investors to make informed decisions based on verified data.

Implications for Investors

The significant decline in HCI’s earnings raises concerns for investors and analysts. The sharp drop in EPS indicates potential challenges and risks within the company’s operations and investment portfolio. Investors should closely monitor HCI’s financial statements, paying particular attention to factors such as asset impairments, equity losses, and overall revenue generation.

Table Analysis: HCI Financial Performance

Financial MetricPrior Year (cents)Expected Range (cents)% Change
Basic EPS3 965.7606.8 – 1 003.3-74.7% to -84.7%
Headline EPS2 050.71 351.4 – 1 556.5-24.1% to -34.1%


HCI’s trading statement for the year ending March 31, 2024, reflects a challenging financial landscape marked by significant earnings declines and asset impairments. The company’s performance underscores the complexities and risks inherent in the investment and gaming sectors, where economic factors and regulatory changes can have a profound impact on financial outcomes. Investors should await the audited financial statements for a more accurate assessment of HCI’s financial standing and potential future prospects.