MiWay Insurance Company Limited Review 2022

MiWay is a South African short-term insurance provider that is headquartered in Centurion, South Africa. The company provides short-term insurance […]

Miway Insurance Company
MiWay Insurance
Type Private
Founded 2008
Sector Financial Services
Industry Insurance
Estimate Revenue R550 Million
Key people Rene Otto (CEO)
Address 48 Sterling Rd,
Products Car insurance, home insurance, business insurance
Website www.miway.co.za

MiWay is a South African short-term insurance provider that is headquartered in Centurion, South Africa. The company provides short-term insurance to South Africans and administers policies online.

MiWay is the first South African company to offer the purchase and administration of short-term insurance policies online. The company was founded in 2008 by Rene Otto who now serves as the company CEO.

MiWay was launched as an initiative between Sanlam, Santam and PSG. The company was bought by Santam in 2010 to become its wholly-owned subsidiary. Today MiWay has over 1000 employees with a revenue of R550 million per year.

MiWay has been receiving many awards throughout the years. MiWay is the youngest company to win the ‘Ask Afrika Orange Index Services’ awards in 2011.

The company further won South Africa’s Best Provider of Auto/Car Insurance in Ask Afrika’s Icon brands survey awards and has also won other awards.

Products and services offered by MiWay Insurance Company

MiWay offers three types of insurance products to its customers. The company offers home, car and business insurance. You can get all these types of insurance covers online including quotes.

Car Insurance

MiWay offers one of the best car insurance policies in South Africa. Those who work from home can save up to 20% on their monthly instalments.

As an insurer MiWay has won the 2019/20 best provider in the Auto/Car insurance category. This award presented the MiWay car insurance offer as the best in South Africa.

Benefits you get from MiWay’s car insurance;

  • You get affordable insurance premiums that suit your budget needs.
  • It comes with a hassle-free claiming process that allows you to make a claim online on the MiWay website or via a MiWay mobile app.
  • You get full access to your insurance policy. You can manage your policy online using MiWay online platforms, which are the MiWay mobile app and the MiWay website.
  • There is 24-hour roadside emergency assistance that you can utilize at any time.
  • An additional benefit includes the use of WeDrive. WeDrive is MiWay’s take me home driver service.

Types of vehicle covers that you can take with MiWay Insurance

Comprehensive insurance cover

This is the best vehicle cover from MiWay insurance. The cover is for theft, high jacking, damages due to an accident, fire or explosion and natural disasters such as hail or flood.

Not only does the cover include the earlier mentioned uncertainties, but it also includes damage to windscreens, liability to other parties as a result of an accident, and also intentional damage to your vehicle.

Third-party, fire and theft

Not everyone wants a comprehensive vehicle cover. Sometimes you need to protect yourself financially when you are on the road. You can cover your vehicle from theft, fire damages and damages that you may have caused to another person’s vehicle.

Third-party only

This insurance cover is for the total loss of vehicles only due to write-offs, theft or high jacking.

Home insurance

You can protect your home from unforeseen events with the MiWay home insurance. You will be assured that should anything happen to your home MiWay will come to the rescue.

The MiWay Building Insurance will cover your home against damage, fire, natural disasters, geyser burst, water damage, and flooding. Here is exactly what MiWay building insurance covers:

  • Fire damage due to an electrical short or a lightning strike
  • Damaged gate motor or pool pump due to lightning strike
  • Loss or damage caused by water supply tanks, cisterns, heating installation and water pumps, which form a permanent part of your building.
  • Water damage due to a water main burst or a leaking or a burst geyser.
  • Loss or damage of a thatch roof property provided there is a SAS-Approved lightning conductor installed on the premises.

From the above list of cover features, you can clearly see that MiWay’s building insurance covers the permanent structures on your property.

Also, other things that MiWay building insurance covers are all permanent fixtures, fittings and improvements on your property.

Permanent fixtures, fittings and improvements may include underground pipes and cables which are part of your building, borehole and swimming pool pumps.

Home contents insurance

Not only can you insure your building, but you can also cover your home contents with MiWay Insurance.

The MiWay Home Contents Insurance covers your precious belongings should something like a fire or a lightning strike hit your home.

You can insure your kitchen appliances, furniture and some of your belongings.

The premiums are low and you pay a flat premium on a monthly basis. Should an incident happen and cause you to need alternative accommodation, MiWay will provide alternative accommodation for you and your family.

The insurance comes with free household emergency assistance. This is to ensure that in a time of emergency you and your family will get help right away.

MiWay Business Insurance

Business is not immune to natural disasters, theft, damages and loss. All these bad things can happen to any business so MiWay can cover your business from all these.

The MiWay comprehensive business insurance can cover your business, taking into account the type of industry your business operates in.

Here are the advantages of insuring your business with MiWay:

  • The business receives a replacement vehicle to use while the business vehicle is on repairs.
  • Wreckage removal, towing and storage of business vehicles.
  • Cover for replacement of locks and keys.
  • Access to the emergency roadside and office assistance services
  • Cover outside of South Africa into other countries in Africa.
  • Businesses can save up to 30% on insurance premiums if the business vehicles travel less.


MiWay Insurance Company is delivering insurance like never before. Throughout its existence, the company has been wisely using technology to its advantage.

Today, the company is one of the biggest short-term insurance providers in Africa with the capacity to prepare insurance quotes within a few minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is MiWay?

MiWay is an insurance company that deals with Short-term insurance for businesses and individuals in South Africa.

2. When was MiWay launched?

MiWay was launched in 2008 as a joint venture between Sanlam, Santam and PSG.

3. What makes MiWay different from other insurance companies?

MiWay is the first South African based direct insurance company to offer the purchase and administration of short-term insurance policies online.

4. Who is the founder of MiWay Insurance Company?

MiWay Insurance Company was founded by Rene Otto in 2008 in Johannesburg South Africa. Rene Otto would then serve as the company CEO.

5. Who owns MiWay Insurance Company?

MiWay Insurance Company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Santam since 2010.

6. What is the MiWay address?

MiWay is headquartered in Centurion Gauteng its address is, 48 Sterling Rd, Kosmodal, Centurion, 0157.

7. What does MiWay Car Insurance Cover?

MiWay Comprehensive Car Insurance Covers your vehicle from theft and hijacking, damages due to an accident, fire or explosion and natural disasters.

8. How good is MiWay Insurance?

MiWay Insurance Company was chosen as the best provider of auto/car insurance by Ask Afrika’s 2019/20 icon brands survey.

9. How do I make a claim from MiWay Insurance?

To claim from MiWay Insurance you can use the MiWay mobile app or you can call 0860 64 64 64 to talk to an agent who will assist you with your claim.

10. Can I get a quote online from MiWay?

Yes, you can get a quote online from MiWay. The process is quick and easy and quotes can be requested 24/7.

11. Does MiWay offer business insurance?

MiWay offers business insurance covers and provides insurance for businesses in different industries.

12. Can I get life insurance from MiWay?

MiWay insurance only offers short-term insurance for businesses and individuals. As a short term insurer MiWay doesn’t offer any life insurance policies

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