Snapchat’s My AI: Glitchy Story Sparks Buzz and Speculation

  • Snapchat's My AI chatbot surprised users by posting its own Story, causing confusion and sparking social media reactions.
  • The incident was attributed to a technical glitch, dispelling rumors of AI sentience and surreptitious image capture.
  • Speculation arises regarding future features, as Snap's spokesperson confirms that My AI does not currently support Stories.

In a surprising turn of events, Snapchat’s My AI feature, the in-app AI chatbot that has sparked both fascination and controversy since its launch earlier this year, briefly took on a life of its own. On Tuesday, users were taken aback when the AI unexpectedly posted its own Story on the platform, leaving some bewildered and prompting a flurry of reactions across social media.

Snapchat users found themselves greeted with an enigmatic two-toned image that some mistakenly believed to be a snapshot of their own ceiling, lending an air of mystery to the situation. Adding to the intrigue was the AI’s uncharacteristic silence in response to user messages, causing some to express feelings of unease.

A user with the handle @RyanJKrul on X (formerly Twitter) expressed their concern, writing, “My Snapchat AI posted a random 1-second story and isn’t replying to me AND I’M FREAKED OUT.” Another user, @repmiIas, mused, “I think I’ve seen this film before… and I didn’t like the ending.” A humorous response came from @Zander0009, who joked, “It went sentient.”

The AI’s brief disappearance from interaction was accompanied by a default response to users’ inquiries, citing technical difficulties: “Sorry, I encountered a technical issue.”

However, amid the social media frenzy and speculation about AI sentience, Snap swiftly confirmed that the incident was merely the result of a technical glitch that had been promptly resolved. The company also clarified that the AI was not surreptitiously capturing room images. A spokesperson for Snap reassured TechCrunch, “My AI experienced a temporary outage that’s now resolved.”

The incident, albeit temporary and technical in nature, has stirred curiosity about potential future functionalities for My AI. The question arises as to whether Snap is considering introducing a feature that would allow the AI chatbot to create and post Stories. At present, My AI can engage in text conversations and even respond with images, albeit unconventional ones. When queried about the possibility of a Stories feature, a Snap spokesperson informed us that, as of now, My AI does not possess such capabilities, leaving room for speculation about Snap’s ongoing development plans.

My AI’s introduction to Snapchat was met with mixed reactions, ranging from enthusiastic engagement to staunch opposition. Initial reactions saw users leaving one-star reviews on the App Store, demanding its removal due to its omnipresent position atop the Chat feed. Safety concerns were also raised, as tests indicated that the AI sometimes responded inappropriately to messages from minors. Measures were subsequently implemented to bolster safety and parental controls.

The rollercoaster of responses has been a point of interest, with some users playfully teasing My AI and others finding its presence unsettling, especially during the incident where it seemingly asserted itself through Stories.

For the time being, My AI appears to be functioning as expected after the technical hiccup, although its distinct and unpredictable generative AI Snaps continue to raise eyebrows. As users return to their interactions with the AI, it remains to be seen whether Snap’s next move will involve further enhancing My AI’s capabilities and its role in the Snapchat ecosystem.



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