Samsung Unveils Upgraded Ballie Robot with Projector Feature at CES 2024

  • Samsung's Ballie robot wowed at CES 2024, introducing a groundbreaking projector feature, projecting onto various surfaces.
  • The robot showcased adaptive projections and smart home integration, offering potential as a personalized, multifunctional companion.
  • Despite an entertaining video reveal, key details such as release dates and pricing were notably absent.

In a delightful showcase at CES 2024, Samsung took the stage to reveal an enhanced version of its Ballie robot, bringing innovative features that promise to redefine smart home interaction. The star of the show was Ballie’s newfound ability to project content onto various surfaces, adding a touch of magic to its already charming persona.

Projecting the Future: Ballie’s New Avatar

Samsung’s latest iteration of the Ballie robot has introduced an exciting feature – the ability to project images onto the floor, wall, or ceiling. The company showcased the playful, round robot in a vibrant yellow color, capturing the audience’s attention with a video presentation that demonstrated the projector’s versatility.

Smart Projections for Every Occasion

In the showcased video, Ballie exhibited an array of projection tricks that go beyond mere entertainment. The robot played a video of a bird, specifically tailored for a dog’s enjoyment, demonstrating its potential as a companion for our four-legged friends. Additionally, Ballie projected a video call onto a wall, providing a hands-free and interactive communication experience.

The robot’s adaptive projection capabilities were highlighted, with Samsung claiming it to be the world’s first projector capable of automatically detecting people’s posture and facial angle. This feature allows Ballie to adjust the projection angle optimally, considering factors such as distance from the wall and lighting conditions.

Smart Home Integration

Beyond its projection capabilities, Ballie showcased its role as a smart home assistant in the video. The robot seamlessly turned on lights, dispensed dog food, and even sent text messages, showcasing its potential to control various devices within a smart home ecosystem. Samsung stated in a press release that Ballie can manage “air conditioners, lights, laundry machines, and more.”

Personalized Interactions: A Greeting and Follow Feature

One of the endearing aspects of Ballie’s demonstration was its ability to follow users around the home. The robot can greet users at the door and become a personalized companion within the living space. This not only adds a touch of novelty but also hints at the potential for Ballie to be an integral part of daily life.

A Video-Only Showcase: The Missing Details

While the CES 2024 presentation of the Ballie robot was engaging and entertaining, it left enthusiasts with more questions than answers. Unlike the CES 2020 demonstration where the robot physically rolled around the stage, this year’s presentation relied solely on a video. Samsung provided no details about the potential release date, pricing, or availability of the upgraded Ballie.

Anticipation for a Launch

The absence of concrete information regarding the release of Ballie may leave fans eagerly anticipating further announcements from Samsung. The company’s decision to present the robot through a video rather than a live demonstration raises questions about the readiness of the product for market launch.


The CES 2024 showcase of Samsung’s updated Ballie robot offered a tantalizing glimpse into the potential future of robotics in smart homes. With its playful demeanor, advanced projection capabilities, and integration into smart home ecosystems, Ballie has the potential to become a unique and sought-after addition to households.

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