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Samsung Unveils Glare-Free S95D QD-OLED TV

  • Glare-Free Display: Samsung's S95D introduces cutting-edge anti-glare technology, minimizing reflections for an uninterrupted, immersive viewing experience in any lighting.
  • Quantum Dot OLED Brilliance: The TV promises richer, more vivid colors at higher brightness levels, setting a new standard for visual excellence.
  • Smart Connectivity: With a sleek design under 11mm thin, the S95D features the One Connect Box, simplifying cable management and ensuring a clean setup.

Samsung has set the stage for a revolutionary viewing experience with the introduction of its third-generation QD-OLED TV, the S95D. The standout feature? A glare-free display that promises to eliminate distracting reflections, making it ideal for sunny environments and providing an uninterrupted content viewing experience.

Cutting-Edge Anti-Glare Display Technology

Anti-reflective coatings are not new to high-end TVs, but Samsung claims to have taken a step beyond conventional methods with the S95D. The OLED-optimized, low-reflection technology incorporates a specialized hard-coating layer and surface coating pattern. According to Samsung, this results in a display that delivers the beautiful detail of OLED without the glare, offering a viewing experience like never before.

A glance at the key features:

Glare-Free DisplayThe unique anti-glare technology aims to eliminate noticeable reflections, ensuring a clear view even in well-lit conditions.
Quantum Dot OLED (QD-OLED)This technology promises richer, more vivid colors at higher brightness levels compared to traditional WOLED panels, providing a visually stunning experience.
Brightness and Size OptionsSamsung claims the S95D to be its brightest OLED screen yet, available in sizes up to 77 inches for an immersive viewing experience.
Refresh RatesSupporting refresh rates up to 144Hz, the TV is geared for smoother motion, making it suitable for gaming and high-motion content.
AI-Enhanced Color AccuracyThe TV boasts AI-enhanced color accuracy, validated by Pantone, ensuring a lifelike and accurate representation of colors for a more immersive viewing experience.
Design and ConnectivityWith a thickness of under 11 millimeters, the S95D comes with Samsung’s One Connect Box, simplifying cable management through a single cable.
SoftwareRunning on the latest version of Samsung’s Tizen software, the TV allows personalized content recommendations based on individual Samsung IDs.
Additional ModelSamsung introduces a step-down model, the S90D OLED, maintaining top-notch QD-OLED picture quality but lacking the glare-free finish and some design frills.

A Glimpse at the Glare-Free Marvel

At Samsung’s First Look event at CES 2024, attendees were treated to a preview of the glare-free OLED screen. In a compelling demonstration, a bright “window” was placed directly next to the TV, and the result was impressive. The TV remained virtually unaffected by surrounding bright screens, showcasing the efficacy of the anti-glare technology.

[Include Image: Samsung’s glare-free OLED TV in a demo with surrounding bright screens.]

Enhanced Viewing Experience

The S95D promises an enhanced viewing experience with its advanced display technology. While some reflections may still be visible at certain angles, they are significantly reduced, minimizing distractions and ensuring an immersive content consumption environment.

Future-Forward Connectivity

Not just a visual marvel, the S95D comes with the practicality of modern connectivity. Under 11 millimeters thin, the TV includes Samsung’s One Connect Box, allowing users to plug in streaming devices and gaming consoles through a single cable, ensuring a clean and organized setup.

Software and Content Experience

Running on the latest version of Samsung’s Tizen software, the S95D provides a user-friendly interface. Each member of a household can use their own Samsung ID for personalized content recommendations. Samsung is also actively promoting its Samsung TV Plus FAST service, consolidating hundreds of free-to-watch channels into a single interface.


Samsung’s S95D is poised to continue the success of its predecessor, the S95C, with the added advantage of a glare-free display. As the brightest OLED screen from Samsung yet, it sets a new standard for viewing clarity in various lighting conditions. The absence of Dolby Vision in favor of HDR10 and HDR10 Plus remains a characteristic of Samsung’s TVs, but the overall package promises a top-notch viewing experience for South African consumers.



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