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Samsung Unveils Galaxy S24 Lineup with AI Powerhouse Features

  • Samsung's latest phones, the S24 Ultra, Plus, and S24, are AI powerhouses, offering advanced video and photo tools.
  • Features include filling in missing frames and real-time speech translation, elevating the user experience.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

Samsung’s eagerly awaited Unpacked event revealed not just a new Galaxy S24 lineup but also showcased the tech giant’s commitment to artificial intelligence (AI) innovation. The focus wasn’t solely on the hardware; instead, Samsung highlighted a trio of smartphones – the S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24 – as AI powerhouses.

The AI Trifecta: Galaxy S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24

The star of the show was undoubtedly the integration of AI capabilities into the new Galaxy S24 family. All three models boast a combination of local and cloud-based AI applications, leveraging cutting-edge technology like Google Gemini, a strong competitor to OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model. The result is an AI trifecta that aims to redefine the user experience.

AI-Powered Video and Photo Editing Tools

The Galaxy S24 lineup introduces advanced AI-based video and photo editing tools. One standout feature is the ability to fill in missing frames in photos and videos, offering users new creative possibilities. Additionally, users can now circle objects in photos to resize, isolate, or move them – a move that leaves the definition of a photograph open to interpretation.

Real-Time Speech Translation and Live Transcriptions

Samsung goes beyond visual enhancements with features like real-time speech translation, allowing users to seamlessly translate spoken words. Moreover, the voice recorder now offers live transcriptions with speaker labels, adding a layer of convenience for users who rely on transcription services.

Preordering Details and Pricing

With the official launch set for January 31st, South African consumers can already preorder the Galaxy S24 family. Here’s a quick overview of the pricing:

ModelStarting Price (ZAR)
Galaxy S24ZAR 11,999.99
S24 PlusZAR 14,999.99
S24 UltraZAR 19,999.99

These prices reflect the tech advancements and enhanced user experiences offered by each model.

Corning’s Gorilla Armor: A Game-Changer in Smartphone Display Technology

In a surprising turn of events, Corning announced a groundbreaking development during the Unpacked event. The Galaxy S24 Ultra debuts with Corning Gorilla Armor, a new cover glass that promises to revolutionize smartphone display durability.

Scratch-Resistant Gorilla Glass

Corning claims that Gorilla Armor is its most scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass to date. In fact, it boasts up to four times better scratch resistance compared to other glass options currently on the market. This development addresses a common consumer complaint about easily scratched premium phone screens, potentially reducing the need for screen protectors.

The Future of Smartphone Displays?

While drop tests may still be reserved for tech reviewers, the promise of enhanced scratch resistance opens new possibilities for smartphone users. Corning’s Gorilla Armor hints at a future where smartphones not only withstand drops but also resist scratches more effectively.


Samsung’s Unpacked event wasn’t just about new phones; it was a declaration of the company’s focus on AI-driven innovation. The Galaxy S24 lineup, coupled with the introduction of Corning Gorilla Armor, signifies a strategic move towards providing a more sophisticated and user-friendly smartphone experience.

As South African consumers anticipate the official release on January 31st, the combination of advanced AI features and durable display technology positions the Galaxy S24 series as contenders in the competitive smartphone market. Time will tell how these innovations resonate with users, but for now, Samsung has set a high bar for the industry.


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