Revamped PS5 Sparks Controversy with Internet Requirement: The Future of Gaming

  • The revamped PS5 features a removable disc drive and requires an internet connection for initial setup, sparking concerns about long-term usability.
  • South African gamers face challenges related to internet access and data costs, making the internet requirement a pertinent issue.
  • Sony's response to concerns and server longevity will play a crucial role in shaping the future of gaming.
Play Station 5

The world of gaming is no stranger to innovation and change. In the ever-evolving landscape of gaming consoles, Sony’s PlayStation series has always been at the forefront, offering gamers the latest in technology and experiences. The PlayStation 5 (PS5) was no exception, setting new standards in graphics, gameplay, and design. Now, a revamped PS5 model has emerged, with a notable twist: an internet connection requirement during setup. In this article, we delve into the details of this development and explore the implications for gamers in South Africa.

The New PS5: What’s Different?

The revamped PS5, much like its predecessor, boasts a sleek and elegant design. It retains the iconic features that have made it a hit among gamers worldwide. However, there is one significant change: the disc drive is now removable. This alteration promises a more streamlined manufacturing process and a reduced footprint, making the console notably smaller.

The redesigned PS5 is set to hit the market in November, but an exact release date is yet to be confirmed. The Disc version will be available at a price of R9,499, which is on par with the original, while the Digital console is getting a price bump to R8,549. The lower cost of the Disc version compared to the Digital edition keeps physical media relevant, and it’s an option that many gamers prefer.

The Internet Connection Requirement

The focal point of concern and discussion surrounding the revamped PS5 model is the internet connection requirement during the initial setup. According to information gleaned from the box of an upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III PS5 bundle, there’s a specific line at the bottom that states, “Internet connection required to pair Disc Drive and PS5 console upon setup.”

The purpose of this internet connection requirement, as inferred by experts, is to facilitate a handshake between the optical drive and the PS5 motherboard. This handshake is essential to validate authenticity and create a unique pairing between these two hardware components. Once this pairing is established, there should be no further need for an internet connection to operate the disc drive.

The Concerns and Controversy

While the initial internet connection requirement is not unprecedented in the gaming world, it has sparked concerns among gamers and industry experts. The primary concern revolves around the long-term implications of this requirement. As we’ve seen with other technology, companies sometimes discontinue servers or services, which can render certain hardware or features obsolete.

Considering the decline of physical media in the gaming industry, questions arise about what might happen in the future when Sony potentially shuts down the server responsible for disc drive verification. In such a scenario, users may find themselves with a disc drive that’s no longer operational. This concern highlights the potential downsides of digital dependence in gaming and the implications for long-term ownership and usability.

It’s important to note that this situation, while raising valid concerns, is not on the same level as the infamous Xbox One DRM policies from Microsoft, which faced significant backlash and were eventually reversed. The internet requirement for the PS5 appears to be a one-time setup process, and it’s not a constant necessity for gaming or using the disc drive.

The Recall of the Xbox One Debacle

The concerns raised by the internet requirement for the revamped PS5 bring to mind the troubled launch of the Xbox One. In 2013, Microsoft introduced a set of restrictive digital rights management (DRM) policies for the Xbox One, which included requirements like a constant internet connection for game validation and strict limitations on used game sales. The backlash from the gaming community was swift and vehement, leading Microsoft to backtrack on these policies.

The situation with the new PS5 model doesn’t mirror the Xbox One’s DRM debacle. The requirement for an internet connection seems to be limited to the initial setup, and it does not impose constant limitations on how users interact with the console. However, the memory of the Xbox One’s disastrous launch is a stark reminder of how important it is for gaming companies to listen to their community and respond to their concerns.

The Future of Gaming in a Digital Age

As the gaming industry continues to evolve, the balance between physical and digital media becomes increasingly significant. The rise of digital downloads and streaming services has transformed how games are distributed and played. In this context, the revamped PS5’s internet requirement raises questions about the future of physical media and the role it will play in the coming years.

While digital distribution offers convenience and often lower prices, it comes with concerns related to ownership, access, and the long-term viability of games. With the internet requirement, the revamped PS5 highlights these concerns and brings them to the forefront of the gaming community’s collective consciousness.

The South African Perspective

In South Africa, where the gaming community continues to grow, this development is particularly relevant. Gamers across the country have embraced the PlayStation platform for its high-quality gaming experiences. The inclusion of a removable disc drive in the PS5 is a nod to the preferences of South African gamers, many of whom still value physical copies of games.

The pricing of the new PS5 model is also worth noting for South African gamers. The Disc version’s cost remains at R9,499, making it an attractive option for those who prefer physical media. While the Digital edition has seen a price increase to R8,549, it may still be appealing to those who rely on digital downloads and streaming.

The Internet Requirement in South Africa

It’s important to consider the implications of the internet requirement in the South African context. While urban areas generally have good access to the internet, rural areas may experience connectivity challenges. This requirement could pose an obstacle for gamers who live in regions with less reliable internet access.

Additionally, data costs in South Africa can be relatively high, making a substantial internet download a significant investment for some users. This raises questions about the data usage involved in the initial pairing process and whether it might incur additional expenses for South African gamers.

The Importance of Server Longevity

In a country like South Africa, where technological infrastructure can vary greatly between urban and rural areas, the longevity of servers becomes a crucial concern. If Sony were to shut down the server responsible for disc drive verification, it could have a more substantial impact in regions where internet access is limited or expensive. This further emphasizes the importance of Sony’s commitment to maintaining servers for an extended period.

The Role of Physical Media

Physical copies of games still hold a special place in the hearts of many gamers, both in South Africa and around the world. They offer a tangible connection to a beloved hobby, and they can be shared or traded among friends and family. The removal of the disc drive would alienate a portion of the gaming community that values the collection and physical ownership of games.

In South Africa, where game stores and second-hand markets for physical games are still vibrant, the impact of digital-only gaming is yet to be fully realized. The option to have a disc drive in the PS5 allows South African gamers to continue enjoying physical games, which are often favoured due to their collectability and ability to be shared among friends.


The revamped PlayStation 5 with its removable disc drive has brought a significant change to the gaming landscape. While it retains the allure of physical media, it also introduces a new element with the internet requirement during setup. This requirement, though not a constant need, has raised concerns about long-term usability and the potential consequences of server shutdowns.

For South African gamers, the choice between the Disc and Digital versions of the PS5 is a matter of personal preference. The lower cost of the Disc version keeps physical media alive and allows gamers to continue enjoying the collection and sharing of physical games. The concerns surrounding the internet requirement in South Africa revolve around issues of connectivity, data costs, and the longevity of servers.



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