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Microsoft Ends Support for Android Apps on Windows 11

  • Microsoft ends official support for Android apps on Windows 11, discontinuing the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA).
  • Users can access Amazon Appstore and Android apps until March 5, 2025, but new downloads will cease.
  • Third-party alternatives like Waydroid and BlueStacks offer options for running Android apps on Windows 11.

In a surprising turn of events, Microsoft has announced the discontinuation of official support for Android apps on Windows 11. This move comes just a few years after Windows 11 gained official support for Android apps through the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA). The WSA, a Microsoft-maintained virtual machine, enabled Windows 11 users to install and run Android apps, primarily through the Amazon Appstore. However, Microsoft has now revealed its plans to cease maintaining the WSA within the year, resulting in the loss of access to Android apps for Windows 11 users.

End of Support Timeline

According to the announcement made by Microsoft, Windows 11 users who have already installed the Amazon Appstore or Android apps will continue to have access to those apps until March 5, 2025. However, new users will be unable to download the Amazon Appstore from the Microsoft Store starting from tomorrow. Developers are also affected by this decision, as they will no longer be able to submit new apps targeting Windows 11 after March 5, 2024. Despite this, developers with existing apps can continue to submit updates until the complete discontinuation of the Amazon Appstore on Windows 11.

Challenges with Windows Subsystem for Android

Despite the convenience offered by the WSA in running Android apps on Windows, it faced limitations from the start. Notably, it lacked access to the Google Play Store, the official Android app store, without resorting to workarounds. Instead, users had to rely on the Amazon Appstore, which had a smaller selection of apps compared to Google Play Store. This limitation likely contributed to lower adoption rates of the WSA, with many users opting for native Windows or web-based versions of apps.

Alternative Solutions

Although Microsoft’s decision to end support for the WSA might seem like the end of Android app compatibility on Windows 11, alternative solutions still exist. Third-party alternatives such as Waydroid and BlueStacks offer different methods for running Android apps on Windows. Waydroid provides support for Android apps via Linux-based system containers, while BlueStacks serves as an Android emulator for both Windows and macOS. These alternatives may fill the void left by the discontinuation of official support for Android apps on Windows 11.

Microsoft’s Continued Commitment

Despite the discontinuation of the WSA and official support for Android apps, Microsoft remains committed to bridging the gap between Android and Windows devices. Recent developments, such as allowing Android users to use their device’s camera as a webcam on Windows 11, highlight Microsoft’s ongoing efforts in this area. Additionally, apps like Link to Windows, which facilitate seamless communication between Android and Windows devices, continue to be maintained by Microsoft. These initiatives signify Microsoft’s dedication to enhancing the interoperability between different platforms and devices.


While the end of official support for Android apps on Windows 11 may pose challenges for users, the technology landscape continues to evolve. As Microsoft explores alternative solutions and maintains its commitment to cross-platform integration, the future of Android app compatibility on Windows remains uncertain yet promising. Users and developers alike may need to adapt to these changes and explore alternative methods for accessing Android apps on Windows 11.



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