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Meta’s Threads App Empowers Users: Control Facebook and Instagram Posts

  • Opt-Out Feature for Threads Posts: Threads app now allows users to control where their posts appear on Facebook and Instagram.
  • User-Centric Privacy Enhancements: This update addresses user concerns and feedback about data sharing and privacy control.
  • Threads' Growth and Potential EU Expansion: Threads is growing with almost 100 million monthly users, and there are hints of an EU expansion despite regulatory challenges.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

In a recent update, Meta, the parent company of popular social media platforms Facebook and Instagram, has introduced a privacy feature in its Threads app that grants users the ability to opt out of having their Threads posts displayed on the larger Meta ecosystem. This development comes in response to user concerns and complaints regarding the integration of Threads with other Meta-owned platforms. South African users of Threads can now exercise greater control over the visibility of their posts on Facebook and Instagram.

How to Opt Out: A Step-by-Step Guide

To enable this feature, follow these simple steps:

1.Open the Threads app on your mobile device.
2.Locate the icon consisting of two horizontal lines, usually located in the top right corner. Tap this icon to access the app’s menu, often referred to as the “hamburger menu.”
3.Scroll down and find the “Privacy” section in the menu.
4.Within the “Privacy” section, look for an option labeled “Suggesting posts on other apps.”
5.Under this option, you will find two switches that enable you to turn off suggestions for Instagram and Facebook, respectively. Toggle the switches to opt out of having your Threads posts displayed on these platforms.

User-Focused Privacy Enhancements

This privacy feature is a significant step towards empowering users with greater control over their data and content. South African Threads users can now make informed decisions about the visibility of their posts on Facebook and Instagram. This user-focused enhancement aims to address the concerns of those who have expressed discomfort with the automatic integration of their Threads content across the Meta ecosystem.

A Response to User Feedback

This latest development follows an announcement made by Threads in October, acknowledging that the platform was “listening to feedback.” Users had expressed their dissatisfaction with the automatic sharing of Threads posts to Facebook and Instagram. Threads appears to have responded proactively by introducing the opt-out switch, allowing users to decide where their content is displayed.

Threads’ Journey and User Engagement

Threads, a messaging app developed by Meta, initially faced challenges in terms of user engagement after its promising launch. However, the introduction of this new feature and other updates indicates that the platform has made strides in improving its user base. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, reported in a recent earnings call that Threads now boasts almost 100 million monthly users worldwide. While this number falls short of the “over half a billion monthly users” that Elon Musk claimed for his venture, Threads’ growth is a positive sign, considering that it has been in existence for just over four months.

Potential Expansion into Europe

In addition to the user-focused updates, there are hints of potential changes on the horizon. Alessandro Paluzzi, a software engineer known for uncovering features before their official release, has shared a screenshot suggesting that Meta might be preparing to open up Threads to European Union (EU) users. However, Meta has held off on launching Threads in Europe due to concerns related to the region’s Digital Markets Act, which governs the handling of cross-platform data.

Challenges in Expanding to the European Market

The EU’s Digital Markets Act presents unique challenges for tech companies like Meta. This legislation addresses issues related to competition and the handling of data across various platforms, making it necessary for companies to carefully navigate the regulatory landscape. As a result, the expansion of Threads into Europe has been delayed, but this screenshot shared by Paluzzi indicates that Meta may be working on a solution to make Threads available to EU users.


Meta’s Threads app is evolving to provide greater privacy control for South African users. With the introduction of the opt-out feature, users can decide whether their Threads posts are displayed on Instagram and Facebook, addressing concerns related to data sharing and privacy. Threads’ journey, from a challenging initial launch to almost 100 million monthly users, is indicative of its growing popularity. Moreover, the potential expansion into the EU market, despite regulatory challenges, hints at a promising future for this messaging app. The user-centric updates and responses to feedback demonstrate Meta’s commitment to enhancing the Threads experience for its growing user base. South African users can now enjoy more control over their content, ensuring that their Threads stay where they want them.


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Lethabo Ntsoane

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