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Google Unveils Exciting Updates for Pixel Devices

  • Google announces updates for Pixel devices: 10-bit HDR video support, expanded Circle to Search feature, and improved call screening.
  • Original Pixel Watch gets Pace and Heart Zone training modes, automatic workout detection, and Fitbit Relax app.
  • All Pixel devices receive features like app screen sharing during video calls and enhancements for FastPair-compatible Bluetooth accessories.

In a recent announcement, Google has revealed a plethora of updates aimed at enhancing the user experience across its Pixel device lineup. From smartphones to smartwatches and tablets, Pixel users can expect significant improvements and new features to elevate their digital interactions.

Pixel Phone Updates:

Google is introducing support for capturing and uploading 10-bit HDR videos on Instagram, along with sharing Ultra HDR images. This feature will be available for Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro, Pixel 8, Pixel 8 Pro, and Pixel Fold users, enhancing their content creation capabilities on the popular social media platform.

Furthermore, the expansion of the “Circle to Search” feature to Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro devices allows users to seamlessly perform searches by circling items on their screens. This intuitive feature streamlines the search process, providing users with quick access to relevant information with just a simple gesture.

Improvements to the call screening feature include the addition of a “Hello” chip, enabling Google Assistant to prompt callers to speak and ask them to wait if the user is unable to screen the call immediately. This enhancement enhances call management and ensures a smoother communication experience for Pixel users.

Pixel Watch Enhancements:

Original Pixel Watch users will receive two new training modes: Pace Training and Heart Zone Training. These modes utilize GPS and motion sensors to notify users if they fall outside their specified pace range during workouts, as well as monitor heart rate ranges for optimal training results.

Automatic workout start and stop detection further enhances the fitness tracking capabilities of the Pixel Watch, providing users with seamless tracking of their exercise sessions without manual intervention. Additionally, the introduction of the Fitbit Relax app offers guided breathing experiences and mindfulness exercises, promoting holistic well-being among users.

Portfolio Updates:

All Pixel devices, including the Pixel 5a, Pixel Tablet, and Pixel Fold, will now support selective app screen sharing during video calls. This feature allows users to share specific app screens with call participants, enhancing collaboration and communication during virtual meetings.

FastPair-compatible Bluetooth accessories can now be quickly added to new devices through subsequent pairing features, simplifying the setup process for users who frequently switch devices or upgrade their Pixel devices.

Users of Pixel Tablet and Pixel 8 and newer models can now annotate documents using a stylus or finger, with the keyboard automatically shrinking in size when using voice input. These enhancements improve productivity and usability, making the Pixel devices even more versatile tools for work and leisure.



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