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2023-12-05 7:05 AM

Getty vs. Stability AI: Copyright Clash Escalates as UK Court Greenlights Trial in High-Stakes AI Legal Showdown

  • Getty Images lawsuit progresses: AI model Stability Diffusion accused of using copyrighted material for training.
  • Stability AI challenges UK court jurisdiction, citing no UK involvement and reliance on US-based cloud computing.
  • Concerns arise over Stability AI's evidence accuracy, particularly statements regarding expediting UK residency applications for developers.
By Lethabo Ntsoane

In a recent development, the Business and Property Courts of England and Wales, operating under the High Court of Justice, have ruled that Getty Images’ lawsuit against Stability AI, creator of Stable Diffusion, will proceed to trial. The court found merit in Getty’s claim that its copyrighted material was used in training the AI models developed by Stability AI.

Contentions: Getty Images alleges that Stability AI utilized its copyrighted library of images to train the Stable Diffusion model. Stability AI, in turn, argued that the case should not be heard in a UK court as none of the individuals involved in the training or development of Stable Diffusion were based in the UK. Additionally, Stability AI claimed to have employed US-based cloud computing power from AWS for training the model.

Court Decision: Justice Joanna Smith, presiding over the case, expressed concerns about the accuracy and completeness of evidence presented by Stability AI and its CEO Emad Mostaque. The court noted that the evidence raised questions and suggested a potential conflict of interest. Notably, Mostaque’s public statements about Stability AI’s role in expediting UK residency applications for Russian and Ukrainian developers involved in Stable Diffusion were highlighted as contributing to the court’s decision.

International Ramifications: This legal battle is not limited to the UK. Getty Images has also filed another copyright infringement lawsuit against Stability AI in the United States, reflecting the global nature of the dispute.

Key Findings and Rulings:

  • The court found merit in Getty Images’ claim of copyright infringement by Stability AI.
  • Stability AI’s argument that the case should not be heard in a UK court was dismissed.
  • Concerns were raised regarding the accuracy and completeness of evidence provided by Stability AI and its CEO.
  • Public statements by Stability AI’s CEO about facilitating UK residency applications for developers were noted as potential points of conflict.

Next Steps: With the court ruling that the case will proceed to trial, both parties will have the opportunity to present their evidence and arguments in a more comprehensive manner. The legal proceedings are likely to shed further light on the intricacies of the dispute and determine the extent of any copyright infringement.

US Lawsuit: It’s important to note that this legal battle is not confined to the UK. Getty Images has initiated another copyright infringement lawsuit against Stability AI in the United States, indicating a multi-jurisdictional dimension to the dispute.

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Lethabo Ntsoane

Lethabo Ntsoane holds a Bachelors Degree in Accounting from the University of South Africa. He is a Financial Product commentator at Rateweb. He is an expect financial product analyst with years of experience in reviewing products and offering commentary. Lethabo majors in financial news, reviews and financial tips. He can be contacted: Email: Twitter: @NtsoaneLethabo