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Filigran Raises €15 Million in Funding to Expand Open-Source Threat Management Suite

  • Paris-based cybersecurity startup Filigran secures €15 million funding led by Accel, with Moonfire Ventures and Motier Ventures participating.
  • Filigran's flagship product, OpenCTI, gains traction with over 100 paid customers globally, including Marriott, Airbus, and the FBI.
  • The company plans to expand its product portfolio, develop a suite of open-source threat management products, and grow its team.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

Paris-based cybersecurity startup Filigran has recently secured a significant €15 million (approximately $16 million) in funding, marking a major milestone in its journey to revolutionize threat management solutions. The funding round was led by Accel, a prominent venture capital firm, with participation from existing investors Moonfire Ventures and Motier Ventures.

Rapid Growth and Success of OpenCTI

Filigran’s success is largely attributed to its flagship product, OpenCTI, an open-source threat intelligence platform. OpenCTI allows cybersecurity teams to aggregate and analyze threat data from multiple sources, providing valuable insights and context for incident management and risk analysis.

Expansion Plans and New Products

Buoyed by the success of OpenCTI, Filigran aims to expand its product portfolio and establish itself as a leader in the cybersecurity industry. The company plans to leverage the newly acquired funding to develop a suite of open-source threat management products, catering to the diverse needs of cybersecurity teams.

One of the key products in Filigran’s pipeline is OpenBAS, an attack simulation platform aimed at enhancing cybersecurity preparedness. With OpenBAS, organizations can create and execute simulated attack scenarios across various communication channels, enabling them to evaluate their security posture and response capabilities effectively.

Building a Comprehensive Suite

Filigran’s vision for its eXtended Threat Management (XTM) suite involves four interconnected products, each designed to complement and enhance the functionality of the others. By integrating threat intelligence, attack simulation, data-driven risk analysis, and crisis management capabilities, Filigran aims to provide cybersecurity teams with a comprehensive solution to address evolving cyber threats.

Customer Traction and Global Expansion

Despite its Parisian roots, Filigran has garnered significant traction globally, with over 100 paid customers, including prominent organizations such as Marriott, Thales, Airbus, the FBI, the European Commission, and the Dutch police. The company’s success has propelled it into the international spotlight, positioning it as a formidable player in the cybersecurity arena.

Future Growth and Expansion

With the recent funding injection, Filigran is poised for rapid growth and expansion. The company plans to establish a presence in the United States, tapping into the vast market potential and fostering closer ties with existing and prospective customers. Additionally, Filigran aims to scale its operations and workforce, with plans to grow its team to 70 employees by the end of the year.


Filigran’s successful funding round marks a significant milestone in its journey to redefine threat management solutions. With its innovative approach and commitment to delivering value to customers, Filigran is well-positioned to continue its trajectory of growth and cement its position as a leader in the cybersecurity industry.


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