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Cracks Found on Vision Pro Headsets Spark Concern Among Users

  • Vision Pro headset owners report mysterious cracks on front glass, sparking concern among users and tech communities.
  • Affected users baffled as cracks appear without apparent cause, prompting speculation about potential manufacturing defects or design flaws.
  • Repairing cracked Vision Pro headsets proves costly, with users facing hefty deductibles, while Apple's response remains awaited.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

Owners of the Vision Pro headset are raising alarms as reports of cracks appearing on the front glass of their devices surface across various online platforms. The issue, initially brought to light by tech forums and media outlets, has left users puzzled and frustrated, with many claiming the cracks occurred without any apparent cause.

Mysterious Cracks Prompt Investigation

The problem first caught attention when users on the r/VisionPro subreddit and tech news site MacRumors began sharing near-identical experiences of discovering vertical hairline cracks in the same area above the nose bridge of their headsets. Even Engadget reported encountering the same issue with its review unit. As of now, at least five Redditors have posted about their cracked Vision Pro headsets, with more likely affected but yet to come forward.

Users Left Bewildered

Affected users expressed bewilderment as to how the cracks occurred, stating they hadn’t engaged in activities that could cause such damage, such as dropping the device or mishandling it. One Reddit user, @dornbirn, claimed they found the crack after simply polishing the front glass, placing the soft cover on, and storing it in the case overnight. Most users noted that they either stored their Vision Pros in cases or used the soft cover provided.

Possible CausesSpeculations and Concerns
Heating issue during charging in the caseManufacturing defect with the glass
Design flaw placing excessive tension on a specific areaCosmetic or functional implications of the crack

Costly Repairs Add to Frustration

Repairing the Vision Pro is proving to be an expensive affair, compounding users’ frustration. With Apple Care, priced at ZAR 9,500 for the Vision Pro, users face a hefty ZAR 5,681 deductible for damaging the cover glass. For those without Apple Care, the cost skyrockets to ZAR 15,181. Users visiting Apple Stores reported being informed that they would need to pay the deductible to rectify the crack, adding financial strain to an already concerning situation.

Uncertain Extent and Apple’s Response

The full extent of the issue remains unclear, as reports are primarily confined to online forums and a handful of tech news outlets. Despite inquiries from media outlets, including The Verge, Apple has yet to issue a response regarding the matter. As users await clarification and potential solutions from the tech giant, concerns linger over the durability and reliability of the Vision Pro headset.

The emergence of cracks on Vision Pro headsets has ignited worry and frustration among users, prompting speculation about the cause and implications of the issue. As affected users seek answers and solutions, all eyes remain on Apple for clarity and resolution.


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