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Apple’s iOS 17: Unveiled Features Set to Revolutionise Your iPhone Experience

  • New Features and Enhancements: The upcoming iOS 17 update from Apple is set to introduce a range of new features and enhancements. These include a recipe search function, an extended image cutout feature, pet recognition in the Photos app, new drawing tools, a nudity filter for explicit content, and auto-fill for one-time verification codes.
  • Music and Communication Updates: Apple Music will see the addition of a shared playlist feature and a crossfade option. The update will also bring new Memoji stickers, a new grocery list in the Reminders app, and a new pronouns field for your contacts.
  • Health and Fitness Updates: The Health app will provide a summary of friends’ workout achievements, and users will be able to create custom plans for meditation and workouts under Apple Fitness+. The update will also introduce multiple timers, interactive widgets, and the ability to sign into your iPhone using a nearby device.

While the Vision Pro headset stole the show at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the tech giant is also set to launch a significant update to iOS later this year. The forthcoming iOS 17 update is packed with a host of “nice-to-have” features that Apple didn’t have time to announce on stage. Here’s a rundown of what South African Apple users can look forward to.

Recipe Search and Image Cutout

Building on its computer vision capabilities, Apple is introducing a recipe search feature with iOS 17. Users will be able to tap on a food item in an image and search for similar recipes. The image cutout feature, which allows users to lift objects from pictures and videos, is also being extended. Users can “Look up” these objects to find more information about them.

Pet Recognition and Freeform Update

The Photos app will now recognize your pets, such as cats and dogs, and place them in the people section. A Freeform update will introduce new drawing tools like a watercolor brush, calligraphy pen, highlighter, variable-width pen, and ruler.

Nudity Filter and Auto-fill Verification Codes

iOS 17 will apply a nudity filter for explicit photos and videos. Users will see a pop-up asking them if they want to see a sensitive photo. The Mail app will support auto-filling one-time verification codes, and the Password section in the Settings will allow automatic deletion of emails and messages that include verification codes after inserting those codes with AutoFill.

Shared Playlist Feature and Crossfade Option

Apple Music will have a shared playlist feature so that you can build a list with your friends. They can also react to songs in the Now Playing queue. A crossfade option is also being introduced in the Music app.

New Memoji Stickers and Grocery List in Reminders App

iOS 17 will bring three new Memoji stickers: Halo, Smirk, and Peekaboo. The Reminders app has a new grocery list that automatically categorizes items for shopping.

Multiple Timers and Interactive Widgets

Multiple timers are coming to iOS 17, too. Just like with iPadOS 17, the iOS 17 update will also bring interactive widgets. This will help you control music or mark a task as done without opening an app.

Health App and Apple Fitness+ Updates

The Health app in iOS 17 will provide a summary of your friends’ workout achievements like streaks and awards. Users will be able to create a custom plan for meditation and workouts under Apple Fitness+.

Sign in with Nearby Device

Apple will let you sign into your iPhone using a nearby device, or a phone number or email ID listed under your account.

AirPods Updates

AirPods will have a new mute/unmute action that you can trigger by holding the stem on iOS 17.

iOS 17 is expected to hit general availability in the fall. Before that, Apple will release a public beta in the coming weeks. So there might be changes in some of these features before Apple releases the final version of iOS 17.



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