Apple’s Affordable AR Vision Pro

  • Apple plans to launch a budget-friendly version of the Vision Pro, priced between ZAR 28,500 to ZAR 47,500, making augmented reality more accessible.
  • Feature Compromises: To reduce costs, the affordable version might exclude the external display and EyeSight feature, offering a streamlined AR experience.
  • Strategic Shift: Apple's focus on affordability indicates a shift from challenging AR glasses, emphasizing the company's commitment to wider AR adoption.
Apple Vision Pro Fitness

Apple enthusiasts and tech aficionados in South Africa eagerly await the release of the much-discussed Apple Vision Pro, a groundbreaking augmented reality headset that promises a unique blend of innovation and convenience. Mark Gurman’s recent revelations in his Power On newsletter for Bloomberg shed light on Apple’s ambitious plans to introduce a more affordable version of the Apple Vision Pro, sparking excitement and curiosity among potential buyers.

The Price Dilemma: Striking a Balance

According to Gurman’s insights, Apple is actively considering a price range between $1,500 and $2,500 for the more budget-friendly iteration of the Vision Pro. In South African Rand (ZAR), this translates to an approximate range of ZAR 28,500 to ZAR 47,500, considering the exchange rate of $1 to ZAR 19. While these figures might not qualify as ‘cheap,’ they do present a more accessible option for consumers eager to explore augmented reality without breaking the bank.

Sacrificing Features for Affordability

To achieve this lower price point, Apple is expected to make certain compromises. One notable change is the removal of the external display, a move that would differentiate the affordable version from its pricier counterpart. This exclusion means that a key feature, EyeSight, would be limited to the higher-priced models. EyeSight enables wearers to see real-time renderings of the eyes of the person they are interacting with, enhancing the overall immersive experience.

Additionally, the more affordable version might feature an iPhone-grade chip, providing a balance between performance and cost. Fewer cameras and lower-resolution screens are also anticipated, emphasizing Apple’s strategy to prioritize affordability without compromising the core augmented reality experience.

Shifting Priorities: A Strategic Move

Gurman’s report suggests that Apple’s decision to focus on a more affordable Vision Pro has diverted resources from their initially challenging AR glasses project. This strategic shift underscores Apple’s commitment to making augmented reality technology accessible to a broader audience, catering to individuals who have been on the fence about embracing this cutting-edge technology.

The South African Perspective

For tech enthusiasts in South Africa, this development is particularly significant. The prospect of an Apple AR headset becoming more affordable opens new possibilities for immersive experiences, education, and entertainment. While the absence of certain premium features might disappoint some, the prospect of owning an Apple Vision Pro at a more reasonable price is undoubtedly enticing.



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