Apple Shocks with Massive 12 TB iCloud+ Storage Tier

  • Apple unveils new iCloud+ storage tiers: 6 TB and 12 TB, catering to photographers and filmmakers with heavy storage needs.
  • Competitive pricing estimated at around $30 and $60 monthly, challenging rivals like Google in the cloud storage arena.
  • These additions address the demands of content creators, aligning with iPhone 15's advanced camera features and offer privacy features.

In an exciting turn of events during the Apple Event 2023, the tech giant unveiled a surprise that garnered the loudest applause of the day – two new iCloud+ storage subscription tiers, offering a staggering 6 terabytes and 12 terabytes of cloud storage. While the average consumer may find these storage limits excessive, they are set to revolutionize the way photographers, filmmakers, and data-intensive users manage their digital content.

Expanding the Limits of iCloud+

Apple’s iCloud+ service, known for its seamless integration with Apple devices and strong emphasis on privacy, has been a go-to for users seeking secure cloud storage solutions. Until now, users could choose from three tiers:

Storage TierMonthly Price (USD)Estimated ZAR Equivalent (at $1 = R19)
50 GB$0.99R18.81
200 GB$2.99R56.21
2 TB$9.99R189.10

The introduction of the 6 TB and 12 TB tiers is a game-changer. While pricing details were not revealed during the event, based on the existing price structure, we can make educated guesses:

New Storage TierEstimated Monthly Price (USD)Estimated ZAR Equivalent (at $1 = R19)
6 TBApproximately $30R569.40
12 TBApproximately $60R1,138.80

These new tiers are not only competitive but also poised to attract a specific audience. With 6 TB or 12 TB at their disposal, photographers, videographers, and other content creators can breathe easy, as they’ll have ample space to store high-resolution images, 4K videos, and other data-intensive files without constantly battling storage constraints.

Photographers and Filmmakers Rejoice

One of the main drivers behind these expansive storage options is Apple’s recognition of the increasing demand for storage space among creative professionals. The recently unveiled iPhone 15, packed with camera enhancements and features tailored for content creation, necessitates robust storage solutions.

For photographers, the ability to capture and store countless high-resolution images without worrying about running out of space is a game-changer. Similarly, filmmakers can now shoot and store lengthy 4K videos, ensuring their creative workflow remains uninterrupted.

Competing in the Cloud Storage Arena

While Apple’s pricing for the 6 TB and 12 TB tiers is yet to be officially confirmed, they are expected to be competitive with existing offerings in the market. As a point of reference, Google’s cloud storage plans for 5 TB and 10 TB of data were priced at $24.99 per month and $49.99 per month, respectively, making Apple’s estimates fall within the same ballpark.

Apple’s iCloud+ service also comes with privacy features like Hide My Email and Private Relay, enhancing the overall value proposition for subscribers who prioritize data security and privacy.


Apple’s surprise announcement of 6 TB and 12 TB iCloud+ storage plans has undoubtedly stirred excitement among users who demand substantial cloud storage. Whether you’re a professional photographer, filmmaker, or simply someone with a penchant for preserving digital memories, these new tiers promise to revolutionize the way you manage and secure your digital content. As the pricing details are expected to be competitive, Apple’s iCloud+ service continues to be a compelling choice for users who value seamless integration with their Apple devices and robust privacy features. Stay tuned for more updates as Apple prepares to roll out these exciting new storage options.



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