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Anker’s Solix F3800 Power Station: A Cutting-Edge Solution for Portable and Home Power

  • Powerful and Scalable: The Anker Solix F3800 offers up to 26.9kWh of energy capacity, making it versatile for various needs.
  • Portability and Solar Compatibility: Designed for mobility, it weighs 132.3 pounds and can be paired with foldable solar panels.
  • Smart Energy Management: The Anker app optimizes energy use, charging with surplus solar power and saving costs during peak grid pricing.

Anker’s highly anticipated flagship power station, the Solix F3800, is now shipping after a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised almost $6 million. This power station, designed for both portability and home backup, is set to revolutionize the way South Africans approach energy independence. With prices starting at R75,981, the Solix F3800 is a versatile and scalable solution that caters to both weekend getaways and whole-home backup during power outages.

Impressive Power Capacity and Scalability

The Solix F3800 boasts a 3.84kWh energy capacity, expandable to a whopping 26.9kWh by adding up to six Anker BP3800 LFP expansion batteries. This powerhouse is capable of delivering up to 6,000W of dual-voltage (120V / 240V) AC output, making it suitable for a wide range of home devices, from air conditioners to water pumps.

Energy Capacity3.84kWh (expandable to 26.9kWh)
AC OutputUp to 6,000W (120V / 240V)
ScalabilityConnect two units for 12,000W output and 53.8kWh capacity

Portable Design and Solar Compatibility

Designed with portability in mind, the Solix F3800 features a telescoping handle and wheels, weighing in at 132.3 pounds (60kg). It can be paired with up to 2400W of foldable solar panels, transforming it into a semi-mobile solar generator ideal for powering RVs, boats, work sheds, or tiny houses.

Home Backup Solutions

Anker offers kits centered around the F3800 power station to provide reliable home backup solutions. The Solix F3800 Home Power Kit, available exclusively in the United States, combines the F3800 with additional electrical components, including Anker’s Home Power Panel for professional installation. This kit enables battery backup and automatic switchover for up to 12 home circuits.

Solix F3800 Home Power KitBattery backup and automatic switchover for up to 12 home circuits, optimized energy management

Smart Energy Management and Optimization

The Anker system can be optimized using the Anker app, connecting over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. This optimization includes charging the batteries with surplus solar power during sunny days and utilizing stored energy during peak grid pricing, potentially saving users money over time.

Future Innovations

In June, Anker announced an even more powerful Solix home backup solution expected to ship in 2024. Unlike the F3800, this future solution is fixed to the wall, similar to the Tesla Powerwall. The F3800 kits, with their portable and modular design, offer flexibility, allowing users to disconnect the unit for use on road trips or weekends away.

Installation and Cost Considerations

Anker positions its Solix F3800 kits as easily installable within a few hours by a professional electrician, offering cost savings compared to traditional home power storage options. Homeowners are advised to verify calculations based on their unique needs, tax incentives, and local variables.



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