8BitDo Unveils Micro: Ultimate Pocket Gaming Power for Nintendo & Android

  • 8BitDo reveals Micro wireless gaming controller: ultra-portable, fits in the palm, and weighs just 24.8 grams.
  • Expanded 16-button design enhances gameplay variety and compatibility with Nintendo Switch games, catering to South African gamers' needs.
  • Micro's USB-C port for charging and wired gaming, plus customization through Ultimate Software, redefine on-the-go gaming.

Portable gaming takes an exciting leap forward as 8BitDo, a trailblazer in gaming peripherals, unveils its latest creation – the Micro wireless gaming controller. This device, designed to cater to the needs of both Nintendo Switch and Android device users, promises to redefine on-the-go gaming experiences for South African enthusiasts.

The Micro, dubbed as the successor to 8BitDo’s well-loved Zero 2, takes the concept of compactness to a new level. Weighing in at a mere 24.8 grams and measuring just a few inches, this miniature controller provides gamers with a truly portable gaming solution. It’s a powerhouse that fits snugly in the palm of your hand.

Gaming aficionados will be delighted to learn that the Micro is not just about size – it’s about enhancing your gaming experience. The controller boasts an impressive 16-button configuration, surpassing the previous Zero 2’s 12 buttons. This expanded setup not only opens up more gameplay possibilities but also enhances compatibility with a wide range of Nintendo Switch games, giving South African gamers even more choices in their entertainment.

One of the most noteworthy features of the Micro is the inclusion of new buttons, including L2, R2, Home, and Star buttons. This thoughtful addition increases its compatibility with various Nintendo Switch games, making it a well-rounded companion for every gaming session. Moreover, the Micro addresses the long-standing need for practicality by featuring a USB-C port. This port serves the dual purpose of charging the controller’s 180mAh battery, which boasts an impressive 10 hours of playtime, and introducing a wired gaming option, thus giving players the flexibility they desire.

It’s important to note that while the Micro offers remarkable features, it does have its limitations. It lacks certain functionalities such as gyro, rumble, IR, NFC, player LEDs, and the ability to wake up the Switch. This distinguishes it from the traditional Joy-Con controllers, but it’s important to recognize that the Micro aims to carve its own niche by prioritizing portability and essential gaming functions.

The Micro’s versatility is further highlighted by a switch located on its underside, allowing effortless switching between Nintendo Switch and Android devices. It even comes with a specialized mode that enables it to mimic a computer keyboard, underlining its adaptability beyond gaming.

8BitDo’s commitment to customization and user experience is embodied by their exclusive Ultimate Software. This empowers gamers to remap and program buttons according to their preferences, ensuring that the Micro truly becomes an extension of their gaming style. The software also facilitates personalized layouts, putting the control firmly in the hands of the player.

South African gamers can embrace this innovation by pre-ordering the Micro wireless gaming controller on Amazon for a reasonable price of R474.81. The Micro is set to make its official debut next week, promising an exceptional gaming experience that fits right in the palm of your hand. While it might not replace all the features of a traditional Joy-Con, the Micro’s unique advantages and convenience make it an exciting addition to the world of portable gaming.



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