KwaZulu-Natal Devastated: Heavy Rains Leave Trail of Destruction

  • Heavy rainfall in KwaZulu-Natal has caused extensive damage to road infrastructure and properties.
  • At least five fatalities have been confirmed, and several individuals are missing following recent floods.
  • Efforts for national government intervention are underway to address the crisis, including rescue operations and infrastructure repair.
Trail of Destruction

Siboniso Mngadi, the spokesperson for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in KwaZulu-Natal, has highlighted the significant impact of days of heavy rainfall across the province. He stated that the torrential downpours have resulted in extensive damage to both road networks and properties.

In the wake of the recent floods in the province, at least five fatalities have been confirmed, while several individuals are still missing and unaccounted for.

Bongi Sithole-Moloi, the Provincial Cooperative Governance MEC, reported that eight people were rescued, and more than six vehicles were recovered after floodwaters submerged Margate on Sunday.

Mngadi stressed the urgent need for intervention from the national government to address the situation effectively. He stated, “We are currently awaiting the overnight report to ascertain whether the number of casualties has changed or remained the same. We urge families and communities to report any missing family members who have been absent for the past two days, so that we can document them as missing persons.”

He further emphasized the extent of the damage caused by the floods, noting that numerous businesses remain closed due to severe infrastructure damage. However, efforts are underway as various departments have been mobilized, and the MEC has alerted the national authorities for assistance.

“The devastation caused by the heavy rains in KwaZulu-Natal has left a trail of destruction in its wake. According to Siboniso Mngadi, the spokesperson for Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs in the province, the incessant rainfall has wreaked havoc on the region’s road infrastructure and properties.

The aftermath of the recent floods has been grim, with at least five confirmed fatalities and a number of individuals still missing, as shared by Provincial Cooperative Governance MEC, Bongi Sithole-Moloi. The situation in Margate, particularly, was dire, with floodwaters submerging the area and necessitating the rescue of eight people, alongside the recovery of multiple vehicles.

Mngadi underscored the urgency of national government intervention, emphasizing the need for coordinated efforts to address the crisis effectively. He urged communities to report any missing persons promptly, facilitating a more accurate assessment of the situation and enabling authorities to provide assistance where needed.

The impact of the floods extends beyond loss of life, with severe damage to infrastructure leading to the closure of numerous businesses. However, amidst the devastation, there is a concerted effort underway, with various departments mobilizing resources and the MEC reaching out to national authorities for additional support.”

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