Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance Review 2022

Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance

Worried that someone may snatch your mobile phone while walking? It sometimes happens in South Africa for a random person to snatch your phone. This can happen in safe places such as your car, shopping complex, and ATMs. To worry less about such an event happening to you, you need to take out personal belongings insurance. Here is a Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance full review for the year 2021.

Personal belongings are a high risk when it comes to being lost or stolen. Thieves target them because they sell fast and that they are easy to steal. With personal belongings insurance, you get to cover your personal belongings against theft or loss. When you have personal belongings insurance and lose your portable possession, your insurer will replace the stolen or lost item after a successful claim. 

To get the protection that you need for your personal belongings, you need an insurance cover like that of Momentum. Momentum offers personal belongings insurance that protects items that you take out of your home against all risks. Risks that Momentum protects your portable possessions include loss, damage, and theft. 

You can tailor your portable possessions insurance according to your needs by only adding necessary items to your cover. You are covered everywhere in South Africa and anywhere around the world. Therefore, you can travel the world having peace of mind knowing that your valuables are covered. 

The best thing about Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance is that you get rewarded for being safe. You can practice safety by avoiding dangerous areas so that you can get some of your premiums back. 

It is easy to subscribe to Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance. You can request a callback or get a quote online. 

Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance 

Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance covers your valued possessions in South Africa and around the world against all risks. Items that you can be covered include your movable assets that you carry or wear. The cover is also available for you and the members of your household. 

The solution has two covers that are available for consumers. There are two categories of personal belongings insurance, these are unspecified cover and specified cover. Below we discuss each category of the solution in detail.

Unspecified Cover

This product covers items that you carry around with you or wear and that are ever-changing. The cover aims at protecting your contents and those of the members of your family since the items that we carry or wear change from time to time. 

The unspecified cover is there to insure possession that you didn’t specify on your portable possessions insurance policy. This is to eliminate the constant recording of assets and wearables to your policy each time you take them with you or wear them. 

The product comes with a choice to choose the cover amount that you need. The philosophy behind the unspecified cover is that items are covered for an overall combined value that you choose according to the value of your possessions. 

Therefore, the unspecified cover comes with a limit that you can be covered for. Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance’s unspecified cover has a maximum amount payable per item of R3,500.00. You then need to make sure that each unspecified item has a market value greater than the maximum cover amount. 

There are no restrictions to the number of items that you can cover with the unspecified cover. Furthermore, you can cover a wide range of items but each item will only be covered for R3,500.00 or less. 

Specified Cover

The specified cover is meant to cover items that are more valuable than those that the unspecified cover covers. The product covers items that are more than R3,500.00 in value. Therefore, items that are valued at more than R3,500.00 in value should be covered by this cover. 

The specified cover requires that you list items that are covered by this insurance product. Things such as movable home contents should be specified on your policy to ensure that you are covered should you lose or damage the asset. 

This cover requires that you not only specify the item that is covered by this product also specify the value of the possession that you have specified in your policy. 

It is emphasised that you add the correct amount of the asset which you want to be insured. This will eliminate the chances of being over or under-insured. Thus, when you claim, you won’t have to deal with the problem of your valuables claims being less than their real value. 

Note that some devices require that you specify them on your policy. If you fail to specify these items and they get stolen, you won’t be able to make a claim. Items that need to be specified at all times include phones, watches, wearable devices, and any electronic equipment. 


Personal Belongings Insurance is a good insurance to have if you have valuable assets that you walk around with. The insurance lets you cover whatever asset that you deem fit to be insured. Momentum covers you worldwide and the company has a decades-long of proven record of insuring personal belongings. 

When taking out the Momentum Personal Belongings Insurance, you need to know how to keep your insured belongings safe. For example, jewellery or watches should be stored in a wall or floor-mounted safe when you don’t wear them. 

You need to keep references of items that you have insured and always try to take photos, keep invoices and valuation certificates of each. Knowing such information will help you when you make a claim, should your portable possessions get lost or stolen.

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