Auto and General Pet Insurance Review 2023

Auto and General Pet Insurance

Auto and General pet insurance provides a comprehensive policy for domestic animals. The monthly premiums for this policy start at R100.00. Depending on the insurance coverage purchased, the policy pays out between R10,000.00 and R50,000.00 for pet surgery and hospitalization.

In addition to covering emergency medical expenses, the Auto and General pet insurance plan also includes wellness care or routine care. The maximum annual cover for wellness care is R3,600.00, while diagnostic tests and scans for dogs or cats are covered up to R2,000.00.

As pets can also cause third-party liability issues, the policy covers third-party liability up to R150,000.00. This means that if a third-party makes a claim against an insured pet, Auto and General will make a payment.

Multiple pets can also be covered under the same policy, and a premium discount of up to 15% is available depending on the chosen pet insurance plan.

Auto and General Pet Insurance Options

There are three pet insurance cover options available under Auto and General pet insurance. These include the Emergency Plan, Core Plan, and Premium Plan.

Emergency Plan

The Emergency Plan is designed for pet owners whose pets are more vulnerable to accidental injuries, particularly those who are older than 9 years. This plan covers pet surgery and hospitalization up to R10,000.00 per year, and premiums start at R100.00. However, this plan has limited coverage and does not cover anything other than pet surgery or hospitalization.

Core Plan

The Core Plan provides more comprehensive coverage than the Emergency Plan, including surgery or hospitalization, veterinarian visits, and third-party liability coverage. The premiums for this plan start at R270.00, and the plan is suitable for pets of any age. Surgery and hospitalization have an annual limit of R30,000.00, which cannot be carried forward to the following year.

The Core Plan also covers wellness routes up to a yearly limit of R1,000.00 and cremation up to a maximum of R1,500.00. The policyholder can insure up to two pets and receive a 10% discount on their premiums. If the policyholder insures three or more pets, they receive a 15% premium discount.

The Core Plan also provides access to an online pet store, and policyholders receive a 10% discount when shopping.

Premium Plan

The Premium Plan provides the highest level of coverage, including surgery or hospitalization, veterinarian visits, third-party liability, and more. The premiums for this plan are higher than the other two plans and vary depending on the pet’s age and other underwriting factors.

The Auto and General premium plan provides more comprehensive pet insurance coverage than the core and emergency plans. It has a higher spending limit and covers diagnostics and scans for the pet insured under the policy.

The premium plan offers a fixed premium, and coverage for cats starts from R400.00 per month, while dogs can also be insured under the plan, with coverage starting from R420.00 per month. The policy covers pets of any age, but the premiums will be subject to Auto and General underwriting.

A yearly limit of R50,000.00 applies to surgery and hospitalization of an insured pet. Routine care for the insured is also covered by the plan, with a yearly limit of R1,500.00. The premium plan also covers veterinary visits, with a yearly limit of R3,600.00, and the maximum spend per vet visit is R1,800.00. Additionally, diagnostics and scans for terminal and other diseases are covered, with a R2,500.00 yearly spend limit.

The policy provides discounts on payable premiums when insuring multiple pets. A 10% discount is applied when insuring two pets under the premium plan, and a 15% discount is applied when insuring three or more pets.

Advantages of Auto and General Pet Insurance

  • There are different plans for individuals to choose from.
  • Premiums start from R100.00 per month.
  • The excess amount of 10% on minor care and diagnostic claims is low.
  • Wellness and third-party liability claims do not have any excess fee.
  • The overall annual limit on each of the plans is reasonable considering the monthly premiums payable.
  • All plans cover surgery and hospitalization of insured pets.
  • Pets of any age can be insured.
  • Core and premium plans come with discounts when insuring more than one pet.

Disadvantages of Auto and General Pet Insurance

  • The excess payment on surgery and hospitalization of 25% within the first 6 months of cover is high.
  • Hereditary conditions are not covered on the emergency plan.
  • There is a 12-month waiting period for congenital or hereditary conditions on the core and premium plans.


Auto and General Pet Insurance offers a range of product offerings from emergency-only coverage to the most comprehensive coverage. The premiums for pet insurance plans are reasonable when compared to the benefits that each plan offers.

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