Alexander Forbes Group Holdings limited review 2022

Alexaner forbes
Alexander Forbes Group Holdings Limited
Type Public
Traded As AFH
Sector Financial
Industry Specialty Finance
Address 115 West Street
South Africa
Phone 011269000
Products Risk aassessment, insurance, reinsurance broking, employee benefit consulting and administration, asset management consulting and multi manager investment
Revenue R4,2 Billion
Total Assets R282 Billion

Alexander Forbes Group Holdings is a Holdings business headquartered in Sandton, South Africa. It is engaged in the Financial Services area. The financial services firm is a market leader, competing with Sanlam and Outsurance. The corporation operates in six African countries and also has a presence in the United Kingdom’s Channel Islands. Alexander Forbes was formed in South Africa in 1935.

Since then, the company has been listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and serves clients in both the private and public sectors. The corporation operates in Botswana, Namibia, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Nigeria in Africa. Its operations in the Bailiwick of Jersey provide it a foothold throughout the English Channel Islands. Alexander Forbes conducts the majority of its operations in South Africa; over 90% of its revenues and operational income are generated in the country.

However, the company’s long-term goals include entering and conquering emerging markets. Risk assessment, insurance, reinsurance broking, employee benefit consulting and administration, asset management consultancy, and multi-manager investment are all services and products offered by the Group.

Products and services offered by Alexander Forbes Group Holdings

Money management

Alexander Forbes provides financial management services to people. You’ll be able to manage your credit and spend it wisely. You gain insight into your finances and become more familiar with your credit score and report.


Many South Africans do not budget, let alone make an actionable budget. Alexander Forbes assists individuals with budgeting by providing tools and advice for effective money management. Creating a budget that works for you is critical, and Alexander Forbes excels at this. Your monthly budget will include all of your retirement, medical, home, and other payments. Assuring that you enjoy a better life today without jeopardizing your or your family’s future.


Alexander Forbes has a number of financial planners on staff who can assist with financial planning. Savings can take the form of investing in a tax-deferred savings account, setting up an emergency fund, or saving on insurance. The company’s consultants assist you based on your specific circumstances, as there are numerous savings solutions available. This provides you with skilled counsel and, in some cases, saves you time and money.

Personal Investments

At Alexander Forbes, investments come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There are numerous investment alternatives available; however, this is based on your investing objective. Through Alexander Forbes, you can invest and purchase shares overseas. If you are a high net worth individual, you can also invest through the exclusive private wealth management platform for high net worth individuals. Other investment options given by Alexander Forbes include goal-based investing, which involves investing with a specific objective in mind, unit trusts, and endowments.


Investing in retirement is one of the most effective strategies for ensuring a comfortable retirement. Alexander Forbes offers a variety of retirement programs for employees. To obtain a steady income throughout retirement, you can invest in a pension fund, provident fund, or retirement annuity. You have the option of receiving a lump sum payment or an annuity upon retirement.


Alexander Forbes enables individuals to get medical insurance. Medical insurance covers routine health care services and visits to practitioners, and you can enroll your entire family in the same plan. Additionally, the organization offers a gap cover that covers clients’ medical assistance charges in the event that their medical aid does not cover the total medical price.

Personal Insurance

Alexander Forbes provides comprehensive life insurance, as well as flexible payment alternatives and personalized service. Seniors over the age of 55 benefit the most, as they save the most money on their premiums. You can get disability income protection, disability lump sum insurance, or critical sickness insurance. Additionally, the organization offers short-term insurance, such as automobile insurance.

Business Investments

Alexander Forbes provides investment management services to organizations of all sizes. Investment managers assist with investment planning and execution.

Staff Retirement Fund

Alexander Forbes offers retirement plans for employees, managers, and directors, with plans tailored to certain industries and organization sizes. Annuities for employees, pension funds, provident funds, umbrella funds, and other customized retirement funds are available through businesses.

Alexander Forbes retirement solution

Alexander Forbes provides a solution for persons who move from job to job before to retirement, as this has an effect on retirement income. Members can now consolidate their retirement funds into a single vehicle, which reduces expenses and maximizes efficiency. Employers may offer their employees the following retirement plans: AFRIS living annuity, preservation, and retirement annuity fund. These shall be maintained in a single basket for the duration of the employee’s employment.

Health solutions

Alexander Forbes health offers Healthcare consulting, health management solutions and technical advisory services to companies. To learn about these you can click here.

Business Insurance

Alexander Forbes business insurance policies protect your business’s assets, revenues, and legal liabilities from loss or damage. Insurance can be purchased for a single business or for a group of businesses. Top-up insurance, disability insurance, critical illness insurance, spouse insurance, education insurance, individual insurance, and funeral insurance are all available to employees.

Alexander Forbes Group Holdings Limited Board members

Board Member
Raboijane Kgosana
Timothy Fearnhead
Paul Lindsay Heinamann
Sean Gaskell
Rael Gordon
Barend Petersen
Gilliat Todd
Jean-Charles Douin
H Meyer
J Van Wyk
N C Kolbe


Alexander Forbes Group Holdings Limited is a great company to work at as managers are given stock options upon employment. Above that the company has managed to employ over 3000 employees, making the company one of the biggest employers in South Africa.



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