Scam Alert: Fake Labour Official Targets UIF Applicants

  • Scam Alert: Fake Labour official "Mr. Ledwaba" preys on UIF applicants in Mokopane, Limpopo, promising speedy processing for money.
  • Official Warning: Department of Employment and Labour emphasizes all services are free, genuine UIF submissions via recognized channels only.
  • Stay Vigilant: Mokopane regional manager urges reporting scams, corruption to Anti-Fraud hotline, safeguarding public against fraudulent activities.

The Department of Employment and Labour in Limpopo Province has issued a stark warning to residents of Mokopane about an elaborate scam targeting individuals seeking assistance with their Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) applications. A man, self-identified as Mr. Ledwaba, is allegedly masquerading as a “Department of Labour” official, promising expedited UIF application processing in exchange for monetary payments.

This disconcerting revelation has prompted the Department of Employment and Labour to caution the public against falling victim to such scams. The department has clarified that all the services they provide, including UIF application processing, are entirely free of charge. They are urging individuals not to entertain any financial requests made by anyone claiming to be affiliated with the department, especially in relation to fast-tracking UIF applications.

In a statement, the department highlighted that authentic UIF applications should exclusively be submitted through recognized channels, such as any of the Labour Centres situated nationwide or via the official online platforms accessible on the department’s legitimate website:

Authentic UIF Application Process
1. Visit any Labour Centre nationwide or access the official online platforms on
2. Submit your UIF application free of charge.
3. Avoid any financial transactions with individuals promising expedited services.
4. Report suspicious activity to your nearest Labour Centre.

The Department of Employment and Labour is leaving no room for ambiguity in its stance on fraudulent activities. Officials from the department are unequivocally barred from requesting money in exchange for accelerating application processes or any other service. They are committed to maintaining zero tolerance towards corruption, fraud, and theft within their ranks.

Magda Glover, the Mokopane regional manager, emphasized the importance of vigilance on the part of all clients and the public at large. She urged anyone who encounters such suspicious propositions to promptly report them to their nearest Labour Centres. Furthermore, acts of corruption, fraud, or theft involving the department can be reported through the dedicated Anti-Fraud & Corruption hotline at 0860 666 883 or via email at

This cautionary advisory serves as a reminder that scammers often capitalize on the vulnerability of those seeking assistance, making it imperative for individuals to exercise diligence and skepticism when encountering such situations. The Department of Employment and Labour’s commitment to eradicating fraudulent practices underscores their dedication to providing genuine assistance to those in need.

Residents of Mokopane are urged to spread awareness about this scam within their communities to prevent further unsuspecting individuals from falling victim to this deceitful ploy. By staying informed and vigilant, the public can contribute to thwarting such fraudulent activities and safeguarding their own interests.

In conclusion, the Department of Employment and Labour’s warning against the UIF scammer serves as a timely reminder that vigilance is crucial, especially in matters involving personal finances and government services. By following the proper channels and reporting any suspicious activity, the public can play an active role in curbing fraudulent behavior and maintaining the integrity of crucial services like the UIF application process.



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