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Proactive, Not Reactive: North West Province Calls for Early Compliance with Labour Laws

Labour Laws
  • The Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES) Unit of the Department of Employment and Labour in the North West Province is urging employers to engage with them proactively for assistance in complying with labor laws, rather than waiting for official inspections.
  • Daniel Moshodi, the Acting Provincial Chief Inspector, clarified that inspectors’ roles are not just to find faults, but to advise and assist employers in fulfilling their legal obligations in a compliant manner.
  • The Department has ten regional offices throughout the North West Province, readily available to provide support to employers with any labor law-related issues or challenges they may encounter.

The Inspection and Enforcement Services (IES) Unit of the Department of Employment and Labour in the North West Province is urging employers to engage their services proactively, emphasizing that they should not wait for formal inspections to adhere to labour laws in the workplace.

The IES Unit is responsible for the enforcement of several key Labour Law acts. These include the Occupational Health & Safety Act (OHS), the Compensation of Occupational Injuries & Diseases Act (COIDA), the Basic Conditions of Employment Act (BCEA), the Unemployment Insurance Act (UIA), Unemployment Insurance Contribution Act (UICA), and the Employment Equity Act.

Daniel Moshodi, the Acting Provincial Chief Inspector for the province, suggests that the role of inspectors should not be misunderstood as mere fault finders. He explained that while noncompliance issues are part of their mandate, the Department’s primary focus is to guide employers on how to ensure compliance effectively.

Moshodi stated, “We urge employers not to wait for us if they are unsure about any obligations related to their roles as employers. We are readily available to assist. They do not have to wait for inspections, which could potentially result in enforcement measures that can often prove costly.”

The Department operates ten regional offices within the North West Province. It invites employers to visit these locations for assistance with any challenges they may face in interpreting or implementing Labour Law aspects in their workplaces.

This initiative reflects a broader trend in governmental departments and regulatory bodies worldwide, advocating a shift from punitive enforcement to collaborative guidance in matters of compliance. It’s a proactive approach that emphasizes engagement and cooperation over confrontation and sanctioning.

By encouraging employers to voluntarily comply and avail themselves of the Department’s services, the IES Unit hopes to foster healthier, safer, and more equitable work environments throughout the North West Province. It remains to be seen how businesses in the region will respond to this call for proactive engagement, but the overall sentiment appears to be one of constructive partnership towards mutual goals.



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