Minister Slams Housing Invasion: Costs, Community Impact & Call for Action

  • Minister Simmers condemns Forest Village housing unit invasion, expresses deep disappointment in criminal actions.
  • Project's estimated R2-R3 million damage disrupts housing for 230 families, affects 3,751 beneficiaries.
  • Law enforcement urged to arrest trespassers, uphold fair housing distribution, counter misinformation inciting community unrest.

In a recent turn of events, Minister Tertuis Simmers, the head of the Ministry of Environmental Affairs and Development Planning, has taken a firm stand against the alarming invasion of housing units at the Forest Village project in Eerste River. This incident has sparked concern over the safety of government property and the welfare of the local community.

The incident, which occurred on [Date of Incident], has not only resulted in damage to government property but has also impeded the progress of an important project aimed at providing much-needed housing to the community. This is not the first time such criminal behavior has occurred, and Minister Simmers expressed his disappointment in the actions of a few individuals whose actions have dire consequences for the broader community.

Government Property and Housing Project Affected

The Forest Village project has been a beacon of hope for many in Eerste River, promising to provide 230 housing units to families in need. The aim of the project is to address housing shortages and create a better quality of life for those who have long awaited secure and stable accommodation.

Sadly, the recent invasion of these housing units has put a damper on the progress made so far. The preliminary report estimates that the damage caused by this incident ranges between R2 to R3 million. This not only hinders the completion of the housing units but also diverts valuable resources that could be used to benefit the community in other ways.

Minister Simmers Condemns the Criminal Act

Minister Tertuis Simmers minced no words in his condemnation of the invasion of the Forest Village housing units. He stated, “It saddens me that we once again must condemn the criminal behavior of a few individuals whose actions have led to damage of government property and impacted the delivery of 230 units at the Forrest Village project.”

His condemnation was not merely a passive expression of disappointment; it was a resounding denunciation of the actions of these individuals who have not only vandalized property but have also disrupted the lives of numerous families in need.

Impact on the Local Community

The Forest Village project was designed with the community’s best interests in mind, offering housing opportunities to a total of 3,751 beneficiaries. Contrary to misleading information circulating in the public domain, it was clarified that 51% of the project’s beneficiaries have been sourced from the local community itself. The project aimed not only to address housing needs but also to empower the community through job creation and infrastructure development.

However, the invasion of these housing units has far-reaching consequences. It not only damages property and disrupts construction but also spreads misinformation that can potentially incite unrest within the community. This predatory behavior is not only criminal but also deeply unjust, affecting more than 200 families who were eagerly awaiting their new homes.

Upholding the Law and Ensuring Fairness

Minister Simmers emphasized that the invasion of government housing units would not be tolerated. He highlighted the importance of upholding the law and ensuring that all citizens are given housing opportunities in a fair and orderly manner. Attempts to jump ahead of law-abiding citizens in the housing queue were deemed inexcusable.

In response to these criminal actions, law enforcement agencies have been urged to take swift action and arrest any individuals found trespassing on government property. This decisive response aims to not only restore order and security but also to send a clear message that such actions will face serious consequences.


The invasion of housing units at the Forest Village project in Eerste River has prompted a stern response from Minister Tertuis Simmers. His condemnation of the criminal behaviour and his call for law enforcement agencies to take action underscore the gravity of the situation. As the community awaits justice and the project’s completion, it is hoped that the incident serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining the rule of law and respecting the rights of all citizens.



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