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  • MEC David Maynier has urged parents to verify their login details for the 2024 school admissions system before 29 May 2023.
  • Parents who have forgotten their passwords are encouraged to reset them now to avoid potential delays when the outcomes of their applications become available.
  • Over 150,000 parents and caregivers are eagerly awaiting the outcome of their applications, and by checking their passwords in advance, they can ensure immediate access to their application status on 29 May 2023.

In a public appeal made today, MEC David Maynier urged parents who have applied for the 2024 school year to verify their login details for the admissions system before 29 May 2023.

The appeal comes in the wake of the 2024 admission process, which concluded on 14 April 2023. Over the past month, School Governing Bodies have been diligently applying their admission policies to determine placements for the upcoming school year.

Starting from 29 May 2023, parents and caregivers will have the opportunity to log into the online system and view the results of their applications as schools begin to upload them.

During the application period, which ran from 13 March 2023 to 14 April 2023, a significant number of parents who had previously applied through the system found themselves unable to remember their passwords, leading to a surge in password reset requests.

In light of this, MEC Maynier is encouraging parents to ensure they have the correct password details now, so that any necessary assistance can be provided before the outcomes of their applications become available from 29 May 2023.

Parents are being asked to test their passwords immediately by visiting the following website:

If parents delay until 29 May 2023 to seek assistance, they may face a wait time for a response due to potentially high volumes of password reset requests.

The appeal is particularly pertinent given the stressful circumstances under which over 150,000 parents and caregivers are eagerly awaiting the outcome of their applications. By testing passwords in advance, parents can resolve any reset issues before 29 May 2023, ensuring immediate access to the website on the day to view their application status.



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