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Naspers Repurchases 222,606 Shares, Enhancing Shareholder Value and Demonstrating Financial Confidence

  • Naspers recently updated its repurchase programme, buying back 222,606 Naspers Shares at an average price of ZAR3,365.8255 per share.
  • The programme aims to enhance shareholder value, comply with regulations, and demonstrate financial confidence and strategic capital management.
  • Naspers' diverse investments in e-commerce, FinTech, and media, along with initiatives like Naspers Labs, highlight its market presence.

Naspers Limited recently provided an update on its repurchase programme. This initiative, aimed at buying back ordinary shares in both Prosus and Naspers, has significant implications for shareholders and the company’s financial strategy.

The Repurchase Programme

Naspers’ repurchase programme targets ordinary shares in Prosus (“Prosus Shares”) and Naspers (“Naspers Shares”) from free-float shareholders. The programme, launched on June 27, 2022, is open-ended, indicating a long-term commitment to shareholder value and capital management.

Recent Purchase Details

During the period between April 2, 2024, and April 5, 2024, Naspers purchased 222,606 Naspers Shares. These shares were acquired at an average price of ZAR3,365.8255 per share, amounting to a total consideration of ZAR749,252,947 (US$40,033,889).

Here’s a breakdown of the recent purchase:

Date RangeNumber of Shares PurchasedAverage Price per Share (ZAR)Total Consideration (ZAR)Total Consideration (USD)
April 2, 2024 – April 5, 2024222,6063,365.8255749,252,94740,033,889

Implications for Shareholders

The repurchase programme can have several implications for shareholders:

  1. Potential Share Price Impact: Share buybacks can influence share prices by reducing the number of shares outstanding, potentially increasing earnings per share (EPS) and return on equity (ROE).
  2. Capital Allocation Strategy: The decision to repurchase shares reflects Naspers’ strategic approach to capital allocation, signaling confidence in its financial position and future prospects.
  3. Enhanced Shareholder Value: By reducing the supply of shares in the market, Naspers aims to enhance shareholder value over time, aligning with its long-term growth objectives.

Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

Naspers ensures compliance with regulatory requirements by providing weekly updates on Prosus ordinary shares repurchased. Additionally, voluntary updates on Naspers Shares purchases demonstrate transparency and accountability to shareholders.

Financial Impact

The recent purchase of 222,606 Naspers Shares at an average price of ZAR3,365.8255 per share represents a significant financial commitment. The total consideration of ZAR749,252,947 (US$40,033,889) underscores Naspers’ confidence in its share valuation and future performance.


Naspers’ ongoing repurchase programme reflects its strategic approach to capital management and shareholder value enhancement. The recent purchase of Naspers Shares underscores confidence in the company’s performance and market position. As Naspers continues to invest in diverse sectors and initiatives like Naspers Labs, its impact on the technology and finance landscape remains significant.



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