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Tharisa plc’s Q2 FY2024 Report Highlights Operational Excellence and Financial Stability Amidst Strong Market Conditions

  • Tharisa plc's Q2 FY2024 production report showcases operational excellence, emphasizing safety, innovation, and financial stability.
  • Financially, Tharisa maintains a robust position with a slight decrease in cash balance but a net cash position.
  • Market outlook remains positive with stabilized PGM prices, a robust chrome market, and strong demand from key sectors.

Tharisa plc, a dual-listed mining and metals company on the Johannesburg and London stock exchanges, recently released its production report for the second quarter of FY2024. The report sheds light on the company’s operational performance, financial standing, innovation endeavors, and market outlook, offering valuable insights into the resources sector and its intersection with finance and business dynamics.

Operational Performance and Safety

Tharisa’s operational performance during Q2 FY2024 showcased commendable achievements alongside a strong emphasis on safety. The Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) stood impressively low at 0.05 per 200,000-man hours worked at Tharisa Minerals and 0.11 per 200,000-man hours worked at Karo Platinum. These figures underscore Tharisa’s commitment to maintaining a safe working environment while maximizing operational efficiency.

Key operational numbers, as depicted in the table below, highlight the quarter-on-quarter movement in various production metrics:

MetricsQuarter Ended 31 Mar 2024Quarter Ended 31 Dec 2023Quarter Ended 31 Mar 2023
Reef Mined (kt)1,035.01,058.61,028.0
Reef Milled (kt)1,378.51,424.41,370.0
6E PGMs Produced (6E) (koz)35.335.734.3
Chrome Concentrates Produced (kt)402.7462.8404.8
Average PGM Contained Metal Basket Price (US$/oz)1,3431,3442,032

Financial Insights

Tharisa’s financial position as of the end of Q2 FY2024 reflects a cash balance of US$184.6 million, slightly down from the previous period, with a net cash position of US$70.6 million. The debt decreased to US$114.0 million, indicating prudent financial management. The company’s decision to announce a US$5 million share repurchase program underscores confidence in its financial outlook and commitment to shareholder value.

Market Update and Outlook

In the broader market context, PGM prices stabilized post a pricing correction phase, while the chrome market remained robust, driven by tight supply-demand fundamentals. Tharisa’s strategic positioning in these markets, coupled with strong demand from key sectors like ferrochrome and stainless steel production, bodes well for its revenue streams.

Innovation and Sustainability

One of Tharisa’s key focuses is on innovation and sustainability. The official launch of Redox One, a long-term energy storage solution, showcases the company’s commitment to leveraging proprietary technology for sustainable mining practices. Additionally, Tharisa’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and develop a roadmap towards net carbon neutrality align with global trends towards environmentally responsible business practices.


Tharisa plc’s Q2 FY2024 production report offers a comprehensive view of its operational prowess, financial stability, innovation initiatives, and market resilience. With a strong emphasis on safety, prudent financial management, strategic market positioning, and a commitment to sustainability, Tharisa stands as a notable player in the resources sector. As the company navigates the evolving landscape of mining and metals, its trajectory remains one to watch for investors and stakeholders alike.



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