Super Group Directors Execute Shares in Transparency Move

  • Directors' Share Transactions: Directors and the company secretary of Super Group Limited executed on-market share sales as part of the Deferred Share Plan.
  • Tax Obligation Settlement: Some transactions were aimed at settling tax obligations arising from the vesting of share rights.
  • Transparency and Compliance: Clearance was obtained from relevant authorities, highlighting the company's commitment to transparency and compliance.
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Super Group Limited has witnessed a series of significant transactions related to its Deferred Share Plan. These transactions involve several key figures within the company, and their details have been disclosed in accordance with the JSE Limited Listings and Debt Listings Requirements.

The transactions, which took place on September 11, 2023, shed light on the company’s commitment to transparency and its dedication to reward and retain top talent within the organization.

Directors and Company Secretary: Key Figures in Deferred Share Plan Transactions

The Deferred Share Plan at Super Group Limited serves as an integral part of the company’s compensation structure. It allows key individuals, including directors and the company secretary, to receive shares as part of their compensation packages. On September 11, 2023, several top executives engaged in transactions related to this plan, primarily involving the sale of shares. Let’s delve into the details of these transactions:

Director NamePositionTransaction TypeNumber of Deferred SharesVWAP per Share (R)Highest Price per Share (R)Lowest Price per Share (R)Total Value of Transaction (R)Director’s Interest
Bonisile MakubaloDirector of Super Group TradingOn-market sale of shares26,53432.660432.9532.55866,600.44Direct beneficial
Graeme WatsonDirector of Allen Ford UKOn-market sale for tax13,80032.660432.9532.55450,708.00Direct beneficial
John MackayGroup Company SecretaryOn-market sale for tax6,05032.660432.9532.55197,593.00Direct beneficial
Philip SmithDirector of Super Group TradingOn-market sale of shares39,80032.660432.9532.551,299,868.00Direct beneficial
Colin BrownChief Financial OfficerOn-market sale for tax25,70032.660432.9532.55839,362.00Direct beneficial

A Closer Look at the Transactions

Bonisile Makubalo, the Director of Super Group Trading, executed an on-market sale of 26,534 ordinary shares, achieving a total transaction value of R866,600.44. This transaction, aimed at optimizing the company’s Deferred Share Plan, reflects Mr. Makubalo’s direct beneficial interest in Super Group Limited.

Graeme Watson, Director of Allen Ford UK, also engaged in an on-market sale. However, his transaction was specifically intended to settle tax obligations arising from the vesting of rights in the Deferred Share Plan. Mr. Watson’s sale involved 13,800 ordinary shares, with a total value of R450,708.00, showcasing his direct beneficial interest in the company.

Similarly, John Mackay, the Group Company Secretary, carried out an on-market sale to settle tax obligations arising from the Deferred Share Plan. This transaction involved 6,050 ordinary shares, resulting in a total transaction value of R197,593.00. Mr. Mackay holds a direct beneficial interest in Super Group Limited.

Philip Smith, Director of Super Group Trading, oversaw the on-market sale of 39,800 ordinary shares, totaling R1,299,868.00. Mr. Smith’s direct beneficial interest is evident in this transaction.

Lastly, Colin Brown, Chief Financial Officer, executed an on-market sale of 25,700 ordinary shares to settle tax obligations stemming from the Deferred Share Plan. His transaction amounted to R839,362.00, further highlighting his direct beneficial interest in the company.

Commitment to Compliance

It is important to note that clearance for these transactions was obtained from an Executive Director, the Group Company Secretary, and the Directors of major subsidiaries. This underscores Super Group Limited’s commitment to adhering to all regulatory requirements and ensuring transparency in its dealings.

These transactions are part of the ongoing efforts to align the interests of key personnel with the long-term success of the company. By providing executives with a stake in the company’s performance, Super Group Limited aims to drive sustainable growth and enhance shareholder value.



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