Sebata Holdings Surges: Profits Soar, Dividends Await

  • Sebata Holdings Limited's 2023 financial year records impressive revenue growth of 12.81%, reaching R28.652 million compared to R25.399 million in 2022.
  • The company showcases a remarkable decline in headline loss per share by 96.74% and basic loss per share by 97.87% in 2023, reflecting significant improvements over the previous year.
  • Despite strong financial performance, Sebata chooses not to declare dividends for the 2023 financial year, aligning with its reinvestment strategy and focus on growth.

Sebata Holdings Limited has unveiled its provisional audited summarised consolidated annual results for the year ended March 31, 2023, demonstrating a significant surge in revenue and substantial reductions in headline and basic losses per share. The financial performance showcased by Sebata during this period has garnered the attention of investors and stakeholders alike.

Table 1: Financial Performance

Metric20232022Percentage Change
Revenue (in millions)R28.652R25.399↑ 12.81%
Headline loss per share14.48c443.68c↓ 96.74%
Basic loss per share13.78c646.99c↓ 97.87%

Impressive Revenue Growth:

Sebata Holdings witnessed an exceptional increase in revenue during the 2023 financial year, with total revenue amounting to R28.652 million, compared to R25.399 million in the previous year. This remarkable 12.81% surge in revenue is a testament to the company’s commitment to growth and resilience in the face of economic challenges.

Significant Decrease in Losses:

The Group has made notable progress in reducing its losses, as evidenced by the significant decline in both headline and basic losses per share. The headline loss per share for the year 2023 stands at 14.48c, representing an impressive 96.74% decrease from the 443.68c per share reported in the previous financial year.

Similarly, Sebata achieved a remarkable 97.87% decrease in basic losses per share during the same period. The basic loss per share in 2023 was reported at 13.78c, a significant improvement compared to 646.99c per share in the previous year.

Dividend Decision:

Despite its robust financial performance, Sebata Holdings has chosen not to declare any dividends for the 2023 financial year, in line with its decision in the previous financial year (FY2022). This strategic choice reflects the company’s focus on reinvesting profits to support its growth objectives and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the market.

Auditor’s Opinion:

The annual consolidated financial statements of Sebata Holdings were subjected to thorough auditing by Nexia SAB&T, the group’s auditors. Nexia SAB&T expressed an unmodified opinion, affirming the accuracy and compliance of the financial statements. Investors can access the full auditor’s report, inclusive of key audit matters and the basis for the unmodified opinion, through the complete annual financial statements available at

Investor Insights and Full Announcement:

Market analysts and investors are eagerly analyzing the financial performance of Sebata Holdings during the 2023 financial year. To make well-informed investment decisions, stakeholders are encouraged to review the full announcement published on SENS on July 18, 2023, accessible at, as well as on Sebata’s official website at

It is essential to note that this short-form announcement provides a summary of the company’s performance and may not encompass all relevant details. Therefore, it is crucial for investors to refer to the comprehensive information presented in the full announcement before making any investment decisions.


Sebata Holdings Limited’s remarkable growth in revenue and substantial reduction in losses during the 2023 financial year underscores the company’s commitment to achieving sustainable financial success. Despite its strong performance, the company’s decision not to declare dividends highlights its strategic focus on reinvesting profits to further strengthen its market position and capitalize on potential growth opportunities.

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