Raubex Leaders Embrace Performance Share Awards for Future Growth

  • Raubex Group executives and officers embrace long-term performance share awards.
  • Performance shares, subject to performance conditions, offer direct beneficial interest.
  • Strategic move aims to align leadership goals with company growth, reinforcing commitment to talent retention.

Raubex Group Limited has taken a significant step in reinforcing its commitment to talent retention and long-term growth by announcing the acceptance of long-term incentive performance share awards by its executive directors, prescribed officers, and company secretary. This strategic move aims to align the interests of key personnel with the company’s objectives while bolstering its leadership team.

In accordance with the JSE Limited Listings Requirements (par 3.63 to 3.65), the Group disclosed comprehensive details about the performance share awards granted to its executives. These awards are part of the Raubex Group Limited Long-Term Incentive Scheme, meticulously designed to drive performance, reward dedication, and ensure sustained value creation.

Diverse Leadership Benefitting from Long-Term Incentives

The beneficiaries of these performance share awards and their respective award details are as follows:

RecipientTitleDate of AcceptancePerformance SharesAward Price (per share)Total Value of Award
NF MsizaExecutive DirectorAugust 7, 2023332,807R26.00R8,652,982.00
DC LourensExecutive DirectorAugust 7, 2022321,807R26.00R8,366,982.00
SJ OdendaalExecutive DirectorAugust 7, 2023234,722R26.00R6,102,772.00
JA LouwPrescribed OfficerAugust 7, 2023188,765R26.00R4,907,890.00
AFS KriekPrescribed OfficerAugust 7, 2023227,132R26.00R5,905,432.00
D RenckenPrescribed OfficerAugust 7, 2023240,248R26.00R6,246,448.00
JG van der BijlPrescribed OfficerAugust 7, 2023249,242R26.00R6,480,292.00
WS MazibukoPrescribed OfficerAugust 7, 2023222,909R26.00R5,795,634.00
GM ChemalyCompany SecretaryAugust 7, 202383,720R26.00R2,176,720.00

Each recipient’s performance shares are contingent upon specific performance and employment conditions. Fifty percent of the shares will vest in August 2026, with the remaining half vesting in August 2027. By tying the vesting period to agreed-upon performance metrics, Raubex Group Limited seeks to further incentivize its leadership team’s commitment to driving the company’s success.

Aligning Leadership and Company Goals

Raubex Group Limited’s move to offer long-term incentives underscores its dedication to ensuring a robust and motivated leadership team that is fully engaged in the company’s future growth. By granting performance share awards, the Group establishes a direct beneficial interest for its executives and officers, thereby encouraging them to contribute proactively to the company’s strategic objectives.

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