PSG Financial Services: Resilient Ratings and Stable Outlook

  • PSG Financial Services' credit rating affirmed by GCR at A+(ZA) for long-term and A1(ZA) for short-term.
  • Stable outlook reflects solid financial profile, low-risk balance sheet, and sound liquidity position.
  • Company's sponsors play a pivotal role, contributing to its resilient financial position and prudent management.

In a recent development that underscores its financial strength and stability, PSG Financial Services Limited has received a vote of confidence from Global Credit Rating Company (GCR). The credit rating agency has affirmed PSG Financial Services’ national scale long-term issuer rating at A+(ZA) and the short-term issuer rating at A1(ZA), along with a stable outlook. This announcement comes as PSG Financial Services continues to maintain a solid financial profile, a net ungeared position, stable earnings, and a low-risk balance sheet, culminating in a robust liquidity position.

GCR’s affirmation of PSG Financial Services’ credit ratings reflects the company’s unwavering commitment to maintaining a strong financial foundation. The company, formerly known as PSG Konsult Limited, has managed to navigate the complex financial landscape while keeping its financial position secure. This affirmation comes as welcome news to shareholders, highlighting the resilience and prudent financial management of PSG Financial Services.

The stable outlook provided by GCR indicates a positive assessment of the company’s ability to weather potential economic fluctuations and uncertainties. The affirmation acknowledges PSG Financial Services’ consistent and reliable earnings, which have contributed to its overall stability. Moreover, the company’s low-risk balance sheet further bolsters its reputation as a financially prudent entity.

Credit Rating Details:

Rating TypeAffirmed RatingOutlook
Long-term issuer ratingA+(ZA)Stable
Short-term issuer ratingA1(ZA)

The credit rating affirmation also underscores the pivotal role played by PSG Financial Services’ sponsors. The company’s sponsors include PSG Capital Proprietary Limited on the JSE, PSG Wealth Management (Namibia) Proprietary Ltd on the Namibian Stock Exchange, and Perigeum Capital Ltd as the authorized representative and sponsor on the SEM.

GCR’s evaluation is based on PSG Financial Services’ overall financial health, including its net ungeared position. The net ungeared position indicates that the company is not heavily leveraged, which reduces financial risk and enhances stability. This position, in combination with the company’s stable earnings, has contributed to its robust liquidity, further strengthening its financial standing.



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