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PSG Group Limited Review 2022

By Lethabo Ntsoane
PSG Group Limited
Type Public
Traded As PSG
Address Ou Kollage 35 Kerk Street
South Africa
Sector Financial Services
Products Stockbroking, aasset management, life assurance, financial communication and related fields
Total Assets R105,8 Billion
Revenue R24,7 Billion

PSG Group is an investment holding company headquartered in Stellenbosch, South Africa. The group engages in Financial services, banking, private equity, agriculture and education.

PSG Group Limited was founded on November 25, 1995, as PAG Ltd by Chris Adriaan Otto and Johannes Frédéricus Mouton. The group operates in different segments that include: Curro, PSG Konsult, PSG Alpha, PSG Corporate, Dipeo and Capitec.

The PSG Konsult segment comprises of wealth management, asset management and insurance solutions. These services are available for individuals and businesses (small, medium and large).

The PSG Corporate segment provides corporations with their financial needs. PSG Corporate services include investment management, treasury and corporate financial services.

Capitec segment offers banking services in South Africa using technology and manual systems. The bank is one of the big 5 banks in South Africa. PSG Group owns over 50% of the bank, making PSG Group the majority shareholder.

Zeder segment involves the agribusiness industry. The company has investments in many companies, including Zaad Holdings, Capespan Group, Kaap Agri and Agrivision Africa. PSG Group owns 43.8% of Zeder.

The Curro segment provides private school education. Curro has a chain of schools across South Africa and provides education at a relatively cheaper rate than other private schools.

PSG Group owns 55.4% of Curro making PSG Group the majority shareholder of the company.

Services offered by PSG Konsult

Financial Planning

PSG Konsult offers financial planning for individuals and businesses. The company offers specialized financial services from a group of advisors who consider your needs and work with you to identify and plan for your financial objectives.

Specialists will help you achieve your financial goals, structure your estate, help you make smart choices. They help with your portfolio structuring and in implementing employee benefits solutions for your business.


PSG Konsult offers a wide range of investment products to choose from. Investment opportunities include tax-free investment plans, voluntary investment plans, endowments, retirement annuities; wealth investments; living annuities and preservation funds.

All these products are available for individuals and businesses of many sizes. PSG Konsult offers consultation to investors to guide them throughout their investment decisions.

Unit Trusts

The company manages local unit trusts that one can invest in. PSG also have access to global markets through rand-denominated unit trusts that invest internationally and in foreign currency-denominated global funds.

International funds include PSG Global Equity Sub Fund and PSG Global Flexible Sub Fund.

There are 9 local unit trusts that one can choose from. You can view and download local and international unit trusts information by clicking here.


PSG Konsult offers a stockbroking platform that gives direct market access, allows you to set up watch lists, makes live prices available, alerts new opportunities, gives the ability to manage risk and executes buy and sell on your behalf.

You can buy local shares and offshore shares. There is an option of having your portfolio managed by a PSG professional portfolio manager.

PSG Group Short term insurance

PSG offers short term insurance for individuals. Insurance options include car insurance, household insurance, liability and accident cover and top up cover.

PSG Konsult offers what is called PSG assist. This short term insurance policy gives you an exclusive range of benefits such as roadside assistance, household and office maintenance, legal and medical assistance, access to a drive home service and much more.

Estate and trust services

PSG offers estate planning and fiduciary services that allows you to manage assets in your estate efficiently. Also, the services will allow you to make sure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

The services include setting up an onshore and/or offshore trusts, setting up an estate, writing a will and administration of the deceased estate.

Commercial Insurance

Commercial insurance gives solutions that can protect your business from uncertainties and leave your business running during such bad circumstances.

PSG offer business insurance, specialist insurance that helps you protect the unique features of your business and top-up cover to help pay costs that the insurer doesn’t pay out.


PSG offers medical aid options for individuals and businesses and also offers a variety of health care insurance services.

Medical Aid plans include hospital plans, savings plans, network plans, limited comprehensive plans, fully comprehensive plans, and traditional plans.

There is a Gap cover that top up your Healthcare cover when there is a shortfall on your medical aid.

PSG Group Employee benefits

PSG offers a wide range of employee benefits to corporations, institutions, and SMMEs. This is to help businesses invest in their labour force by ensuring that their workforce lives a better life and is well off after retirement.

Employee benefits that businesses can take are: retirement fund services, Healthcare benefits, group risk benefits, corporate investment solutions and employee benefits consulting.

Life insurance

Life insurance policies are there to protect you, your family, and your dependents should anything happen to you. PSG offers four covers that can be taken simultaneously or separately.

Life cover pays out a lump sum to beneficiaries upon death, and disability insurance pays out a lump sum should you be permanently disabled.

Income disability cover pays monthly income when you are unable to work as a result of injury or illness, and critical illness cover pays out a lump sum if you get a dread disease.

Other services from PSG Konsult

Other services from PSG Konsult are a Wealth platform that offers investment products that cater to a range of investor requirements, institutional services, investing in education and managed share portfolios.

PSG Group Limited Executives

Name Position
Petrus Mouton Chief Executive Officer
Johannes Holtzhausen Executive Director
Zithulele Combi Independent Chairman
Wyanand Greeff Chief Financial Officer
Francois Grouws CEO: PSG Konsult


A leading independent financial services group, PSG holds some of the most important stocks in South Africa. Its investment in Curro has been growing since.

On the other hand, Capitec Bank is arguably the best bank in South Africa. With the company’s investment portfolio taken into account, one can conclude that PSG has made sound investments in the past that yielded favourable results. By far a company that you can trust.

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Lethabo Ntsoane

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