PSG Financial Services: New Leaders, Fresh Horizons

  • Leadership Transition: PSG Financial Services appoints Janine Johannes as Head of Transformation and Executive Director, emphasizing a focus on diversity and inclusivity.
  • Human Resources Reshuffle: Milandi Hugo succeeds Janine Johannes as Head of Human Resources, effective January 1, 2024, ensuring a smooth transition.
  • PSG Distribution’s New Chief: Edward Gibbens, a 30-year industry veteran, will assume the role of Chief Executive at PSG Distribution from April 2, 2024, fostering growth and expertise.

PSG Financial Services Limited announced a significant shift in its leadership landscape today, marking a new chapter in the company’s rich history.

In a strategic move, Janine Johannes, an advocate for transformation within PSG Financial Services, has been appointed as the Head of Transformation. With an extensive background as the former head of human resources and co-chair of the Transformation Forum, Janine’s appointment underscores the company’s commitment to fostering inclusivity and diversity within its ranks. Janine will also join the Board as an Executive Director, a move welcomed by both the board and shareholders.

Milandi Hugo, who has demonstrated exceptional leadership as the head of the engineering team, will be taking the helm as the Head of Human Resources starting January 1, 2024. Milandi’s experience and dedication are set to play a pivotal role in shaping the company’s human capital strategy.

Meanwhile, PSG Distribution Holdings (Pty) Ltd (“PSG Distribution”) witnessed a significant change in its leadership. Dan Hugo, a cornerstone in the company’s success story since its inception, has stepped down as the Chief Executive of PSG Distribution. However, he will continue to contribute his expertise as the Chair of Adviser Acquisition, collaborating closely with Chris Liebenberg, the head of national adviser acquisitions.

To fill Dan’s shoes, PSG Financial Services welcomes Edward Gibbens, a veteran with 30 years of experience in the industry, previously associated with the Santam Group. Edward’s rich background includes roles such as head of broker distribution and chief commercial officer at Santam, indicating a deep understanding of the distribution space. His appointment as the new Chief Executive of PSG Distribution, effective from April 2, 2024, highlights the company’s focus on seasoned leadership to drive further growth and success.

The transition within PSG Financial Services reflects a strategic approach to sustain the company’s legacy of excellence. The Board expresses its gratitude to Dan Hugo for his invaluable contributions, emphasizing their anticipation of his ongoing involvement as chairman of adviser acquisition activities. The board is optimistic that under the guidance of the new leadership team, PSG Financial Services will continue to thrive and serve its clients with unwavering dedication.

Table: PSG Financial Services Leadership Changes

PositionPrevious IncumbentSuccessorEffective Date
Head of TransformationJanine JohannesImmediate
Head of Human ResourcesJanine JohannesMilandi HugoJanuary 1, 2024
Chief Executive, PSG DistributionDan HugoEdward GibbensApril 2, 2024

PSG Financial Services remains committed to its core values while embracing change, ensuring a promising future for both the company and its stakeholders. The South African financial landscape eagerly anticipates the positive impact of these strategic decisions on PSG Financial Services’ future endeavours.



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