Omnia’s Share Revamp: Strategic Moves

  • Omnia Holdings repurchased 1,014,622 of its shares from OGPL at R57.26 per share, a self-funded intra-group transaction.
  • The repurchased shares are reclassified as authorized but unissued, and the company plans to deregister lapsed incentive schemes.
  • Following the delisting, Omnia will have 167,407,986 issued shares, streamlining its operations and aligning its strategy.

Omnia Holdings Limited, has recently made a strategic move by repurchasing a significant number of its own shares. This decision, along with its intention to deregister certain employee incentive schemes, is making waves in the financial sector.

On September 22, 2023, Omnia Holdings Limited executed an intra-group share repurchase, acquiring 1,014,622 of its ordinary shares from Omnia Group Proprietary Limited (OGPL), a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. The repurchase was executed at a price of R57.26 per share, and it’s worth noting that this transaction was entirely self-funded, meaning no external funds were deployed.

This move has significant implications for the company’s shareholding structure. The repurchased shares, which were previously held by OGPL on behalf of lapsed employee share incentive schemes, have now been reclassified as authorized but unissued shares. This decision adheres to the guidelines outlined in section 35(5) of the Companies Act, 71 of 2008.

In the wake of this repurchase, Omnia Holdings Limited has taken steps to delist the repurchased shares from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE). Upon completion of this process, the company’s total issued shares will stand at 167,407,986, down from the previous count.

What sets this move apart is the company’s intention to wind down and deregister its lapsed employee share incentive schemes. These schemes, once a common practice for incentivizing employees, appear to no longer align with the company’s current strategy and objectives. The decision to deregister these schemes is likely to streamline the company’s operations and align its incentive structures with its evolving business model.

To provide a clear overview of these developments, here’s a summary in tabular form:

Key PointsDetails
Share Repurchase1,014,622 ordinary shares were repurchased from OGPL at R57.26 per share. No external funds were used.
Share Status ChangeRepurchased shares were reclassified as authorized but unissued shares according to section 35(5) of the Companies Act.
JSE DelistingApplication submitted to the JSE for the delisting of repurchased shares. Total issued shares to be reduced to 167,407,986.
Deregistering Incentive SchemesThe company intends to wind down and deregister lapsed employee share incentive schemes.
Treasury SharesOmnia Holdings Limited now holds 6,215,910 treasury shares, awaiting vesting as part of approved remuneration policy.

This strategic move indicates that Omnia Holdings Limited is committed to optimizing its corporate structure and aligning its operations with its evolving business strategy. As of now, the company’s focus is on a more streamlined and efficient future. These developments are poised to have a notable impact on the company’s performance and corporate governance, setting the stage for a new chapter in its journey.



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