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Life Healthcare Group Streamlines Executive Leadership for Enhanced Growth and Operational Focus

  • Life Healthcare Group restructured its Executive Committees post-Alliance Medical Group disposal for strategic focus and operational efficiency.
  • Key personnel changes include Pieter van der Westhuizen's expanded CFO role and Adam Pyle's transition to Chief Strategy Officer.
  • The restructuring aims to boost financial performance, stakeholder relations, and operational excellence, enhancing investor confidence.
Life Healthcare group limited

Life Healthcare Group Holdings Limited recently announced significant changes to its Executive Committees (Exco). These changes come in the wake of the disposal of the Alliance Medical Group (AMG) and are designed to enhance the company’s strategic focus and operational efficiency.

Consolidation of Executive Committees: One of the key developments in the restructuring is the consolidation of the Executive Committees. This move aims to bring together diverse capabilities and experiences within the leadership team to effectively execute Life Healthcare’s strategic vision.

Leadership Continuity with Peter Wharton-Hood

Peter Wharton-Hood’s continued leadership as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) provides stability and continuity amidst these changes. His leadership will be instrumental in steering the company through its growth trajectory.

Key Personnel Changes: The restructuring has led to significant changes in key executive roles:

ExecutivePrevious RoleNew Role
Pieter van der WesthuizenChief Financial OfficerCFO + IT & Cyber portfolios
Adam PyleChief Executive Southern AfricaChief Strategy and Growth Officer
Craig KoekemoerBusiness Operations Executive – SAChief Operations Officer

Pieter van der Westhuizen’s Expanded Role

As the Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Pieter van der Westhuizen now also oversees Information Technology (IT) and Cyber portfolios. This expansion of responsibilities reflects the growing importance of technology in healthcare operations and financial management.

Adam Pyle’s Strategic Focus

Adam Pyle’s transition to Chief Strategy and Growth Officer underscores Life Healthcare’s commitment to strategic planning and expansion. His responsibilities include identifying growth opportunities in areas such as renal dialysis, diagnostic imaging, nuclear medicine, and oncology.

Craig Koekemoer’s Operational Expertise

Craig Koekemoer’s appointment as Chief Operations Officer (COO) highlights the emphasis on operational excellence within the organization. With his extensive experience in acute hospital settings, Koekemoer is well-positioned to drive operational efficiency and quality of care delivery.


Life Healthcare Group’s restructuring of its Executive Committees reflects a strategic approach to navigate evolving healthcare landscapes and capitalize on growth opportunities. The appointment of key executives with expanded roles demonstrates a commitment to operational excellence, financial management, and stakeholder engagement. These initiatives are expected to drive sustainable growth, enhance investor confidence, and solidify Life Healthcare’s position as a leading healthcare services provider in Southern Africa.



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