KAP Limited: Bond Interest Payouts Await Investors

  • KAP Limited, a South African company, will make interest payments to bondholders, providing a stable income stream.
  • Bondholders can expect timely payments on specific dates, reaffirming the company's financial stability and commitment.
  • Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking serves as the debt sponsor, facilitating the bond issuances and regulatory compliance.
Kap Limited Notes

KAP Limited, formerly known as KAP Industrial Holdings Limited, has issued a significant interest payment notification to its bondholders. The company, incorporated in the Republic of South Africa, is set to disburse interest payments to investors holding various bonds. This news comes as a crucial financial event for bondholders, as they eagerly anticipate the payments scheduled for the coming weeks.

Here are the key details of the interest payments, as disclosed by KAP Limited:

Bond CodeISINCouponInterest PeriodInterest Amount DuePayment DateDate Convention
KAP020ZAG00017979710.355%15 June 2023 to 14 September 2023R6,525,068.4915 September 2023Following Business Day
KAP021ZAG00017980510.375%15 June 2023 to 14 September 2023R6,537,671.2315 September 2023Following Business Day
KAP026ZAG0001899529.922%28 June 2023 to 27 September 2023R8,503,018.0828 September 2023Following Business Day
KAP027ZAG00018996010.132%28 June 2023 to 27 September 2023R16,855,206.5828 September 2023Following Business Day

Bondholders are urged to mark their calendars for the respective payment dates mentioned above. These interest payments represent a critical part of the financial arrangements between KAP Limited and its bondholders, offering a steady income stream to investors.

Interest payments on bonds are typically a way for companies to compensate bondholders for lending them capital. The interest rates, known as coupons, are determined at the time of bond issuance and remain fixed throughout the bond’s life. Investors receive these interest payments at regular intervals until the bond matures.

As the payment dates draw near, bondholders are advised to verify their account information with their respective financial institutions to ensure a smooth and timely receipt of their interest payments. Delays or discrepancies in payment details can be avoided through careful verification.

For South African investors, these interest payments from KAP Limited represent an opportunity to receive a steady income from their bond investments. The stability and reliability of these payments can contribute to the overall financial well-being of bondholders, making them an essential aspect of their investment portfolio.



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