Huge Group AGM Triumphs as Shareholders Back Key Resolutions

  • Huge Group Limited's Annual General Meeting (AGM) concludes with approval of all resolutions, except for one related to the general authority to issue shares for cash.
  • Shareholders demonstrate strong support, with an impressive 84.90% attendance at the AGM.
  • Voting results reflect shareholder confidence, with various resolutions, including director appointments and the re-appointment of the independent auditor, receiving majority approval.
Huge Group Limited

Huge Group Limited (HUG) announced the successful conclusion of its Annual General Meeting (AGM) held earlier today. Shareholders voted in favor of all ordinary and special resolutions proposed, except for ordinary resolution number 5 regarding the general authority to issue shares for cash.

The AGM, attended by a significant percentage of the company’s shareholders, reflected the shareholders’ confidence and support for Huge’s strategic direction and leadership team. The results demonstrate the shareholders’ satisfaction with the company’s performance and their belief in its future prospects.

Key highlights from the AGM are as follows:

  • Share Capital: As of the Voting Record Date on June 23, 2022, Huge Group had a total issued share capital of 172,561,721 ordinary shares.
  • Voting Attendance: Out of the total shares that could have been voted at the AGM (165,647,205 ordinary shares, excluding 6,914,516 treasury shares), 140,631,691 shares were present or represented, including proxies. This represents an impressive attendance of 84.90% in relation to the company’s total issued share capital.
  • Resolutions: All ordinary resolutions, except for ordinary resolution number 5, received the requisite majority of votes. The voting results indicate strong shareholder support across various resolutions, including the re-appointment of the independent auditor and confirmation of appointments for several directors.

The table below provides a summary of the voting results for each resolution:

ResolutionsShares VotedAbstainedVotes ForVotes Against
Ordinary resolution number 1140,592,3820.02%96.04%3.96%
Ordinary resolution number 2.1140,592,3820.02%100.00%0.00%
Ordinary resolution number 2.2140,592,3820.02%100.00%0.00%
Ordinary resolution number 2.3140,592,3820.02%96.04%3.96%
Ordinary resolution number 2.4140,592,3820.02%96.04%3.96%
Ordinary resolution number 2.5140,592,3820.02%100.00%0.00%
Ordinary resolution number 2.6120,824,43011.48%100.00%0.00%
Ordinary resolution number 3.1139,478,1510.67%82.63%17.37%
Ordinary resolution number 3.2120,824,43011.48%95.39%4.61%
Ordinary resolution number 4.1140,592,3820.02%80.39%19.61%
Ordinary resolution number 4.2140,592,3820.02%96.04%3.96%
Ordinary resolution number 4.3140,592,3820.02%100.00%0.00%
Ordinary resolution number 4.4121,938,66110.83%100.00%0.00%
Ordinary resolution number 5140,592,3820.02%3.30%96.70%
Advisory Endorsement number 1140,592,3820.02%80.35%19.65%
Advisory Endorsement number 2140,592,3820.02%80.35%19.65%
Special resolution number 1120,824,43011.48%99.95%0.05%
Special resolution number 2138,470,7251.25%81.70%18.30%
Special resolution number 3140,592,3820.02%96.04%3.96%

The table shows the percentage of votes for and against each resolution, as well as the number of shares voted and the percentage of abstained shares.

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