GEM’s R500 Million Boost: Mantengu Mining’s Innovative Share Subscription Deal

  • Mantengu Mining secures R500 million share subscription facility with GEM, a major global investment group, to bolster its finances.
  • The innovative agreement provides non-debt equity investment, enhancing financial flexibility, and supporting working capital and capital expenditure.
  • Strong shareholder support, with 89.63% in favor, highlights confidence in the transaction's potential for growth and South Africa's mining sector.

Mantengu Mining Limited, a prominent player in the South African mining industry, announced a significant milestone on October 26, 2023. The company revealed that it has entered into a groundbreaking share subscription facility agreement with global investment firms, GEM Global Yield LLC SCS and GEM Yield Bahamas Limited. This agreement signals a major development for Mantengu, as it provides the company with access to a substantial share subscription facility of up to R500 million, aimed at bolstering its financial position and supporting its operational objectives.

The deal, which has already received approval from the Financial Surveillance Department of the South African Reserve Bank, introduces a unique financial arrangement that does not involve traditional debt but rather facilitates equity investment by GEM in Mantengu. This article delves into the details of the agreement, its significance for Mantengu Mining, and the implications it may have for the mining sector in South Africa.

I. The Share Subscription Facility Agreement

Under the newly forged agreement, GEM Global Yield LLC SCS and GEM Yield Bahamas Limited, both entities within the Global Emerging Markets (GEM) investment group, have committed to providing Mantengu Mining with a share subscription facility of up to R500 million. This facility empowers Mantengu to access these funds over a specified period, with several key components:

1. Consideration Shares

Mantengu is entitled to draw down from the facility by issuing ordinary shares in the company, referred to as “Consideration Shares,” to the Investor (GEM). The issuance of these shares will be governed by a set of conditions, including specifying a floor price below which the company will not issue Consideration Shares and determining the aggregate number of Consideration Shares to be issued.

The pricing of these Consideration Shares is calculated as 90% of the average closing bid prices over a pricing period, which spans 15 consecutive trading days. This pricing mechanism ensures fairness and market alignment.

2. Warrants

In addition to the issuance of Consideration Shares, Mantengu will issue warrants to the Investor. These warrants grant GEM the option to subscribe to up to 20 million ordinary shares, referred to as “Warrant Shares.” These warrants are exercisable over a three-year period from the date of issuance and are subject to certain adjustments.

The exercise price of the warrants is initially set at R4.00 per Ordinary Share, with a provision that adjusts the price if the market conditions change significantly.

3. Commitment Fee

Mantengu is obligated to pay GEM a commitment fee equal to 2% of the R500 million share subscription facility, amounting to R10 million. This fee will be settled either in cash or by issuing ordinary shares, known as “Commitment Fee Shares.”

II. The Proposed Transaction’s Purpose

The injection of funds from the share subscription facility is expected to serve specific purposes for Mantengu Mining:

  1. Working Capital: A significant portion of the proceeds from the issuance of Consideration Shares and the warrants will be directed towards shoring up the company’s working capital. This is crucial for maintaining daily operations, managing short-term liabilities, and responding to market fluctuations.
  2. Capital Expenditure: Mantengu also plans to allocate a portion of the funds to capital expenditure projects. These investments are vital for enhancing and expanding the company’s mining operations, ensuring efficiency, and supporting long-term sustainability.

III. The Role of Global Emerging Markets (GEM)

Global Emerging Markets (GEM) is a major global player with operations in Paris, New York, and the Bahamas. The firm manages a diverse set of investment vehicles that focus on emerging markets. With over 500 transactions completed in 70 countries, GEM brings a wealth of experience and resources to the table.

As part of the GEM family of funds and investment vehicles, GEM Global Yield LLC SCS and GEM Yield Bahamas Limited are integral in providing Mantengu with the financial backing and support it needs to achieve its goals. This partnership underscores GEM’s commitment to investing in South Africa’s mining sector and its confidence in Mantengu Mining’s potential.

IV. Irrevocable Letters of Undertaking

Mantengu Mining has garnered substantial support for the Proposed Transaction. Shareholders representing 89.63% of all eligible Ordinary Shares have provided irrevocable undertakings indicating their intention to vote in favor of the resolutions associated with the issuance of Consideration Shares, Warrants, Commitment Fee Shares, and Warrant Payment Shares. This strong backing underscores the confidence that Mantengu’s existing shareholders have in the company’s growth prospects and the value this transaction is expected to bring.

V. Conditions Precedent to the Delivery of a Subscription Notice

The delivery of a Subscription Notice is subject to several conditions, ensuring that the transaction proceeds smoothly. These conditions include maintaining the listing of Ordinary Shares, obtaining necessary regulatory and shareholder approvals, and ensuring the accuracy of representations and warranties.

It is important to note that the issuance of Consideration Shares and Warrants is subject to approval by at least 75% of the votes of Mantengu shareholders, excluding participants and their associates. This requirement emphasizes the need for consensus among the company’s existing shareholders regarding the transaction.

VI. A New Avenue for Growth and Expansion

This innovative share subscription facility agreement marks a new chapter in Mantengu Mining’s journey. By partnering with global investment firms like GEM, Mantengu gains access to substantial funding without incurring traditional debt. This approach allows the company to maintain greater control over the timing and amount of the drawdown under the facility, enhancing its financial flexibility.

The focus on working capital and capital expenditure reflects Mantengu’s commitment to improving its operations, responding to market demands, and contributing to the growth of South Africa’s mining industry. As one of the country’s key economic sectors, the mining industry plays a vital role in driving economic growth and creating job opportunities.

VII. The Path Forward

The share subscription facility agreement with GEM presents a promising opportunity for Mantengu Mining Limited. The company’s ability to secure substantial funding without traditional debt obligations is a testament to its growth potential and the confidence placed in it by both GEM and its existing shareholders.

As this transaction unfolds, Mantengu will be focusing on obtaining the necessary regulatory and shareholder approvals. Shareholders are set to convene at a General Meeting where the resolutions associated with the issuance of Consideration Shares, Warrants, Commitment Fee Shares, and Warrant Payment Shares will be put to a vote.

The success of this transaction could have broader implications for South Africa’s mining sector, demonstrating the potential for innovative financing solutions to support growth and investment in this critical industry.



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