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Directors of CA Sales Holdings Accept Options in Company Share Incentive Scheme

  • Directors of CA Sales Holdings accept options under the Share Incentive Scheme, signaling confidence and alignment with shareholders.
  • The options vest in tranches over four years, with a 180-day exercise period post-vesting.
  • Regulatory compliance and transparency in these transactions showcase the company's commitment to governance and investor trust.

In the realm of corporate governance and financial incentives, the recent acceptance of options by directors of CA Sales Holdings Limited under the Company Share Incentive Scheme is an intriguing development. This article delves into the details of this event, its implications, and the broader significance in the context of corporate finance.

Overview of the Company Share Incentive Scheme

The Company Share Incentive Scheme is a strategic framework employed by CA Sales Holdings Limited to incentivize and retain key personnel, particularly directors and executives. This scheme typically involves the awarding of options to acquire ordinary shares in the company at a predetermined strike price.

Details of Options Acceptance by Directors

The recent acceptance of options by several directors of CA Sales Holdings Limited and its major subsidiary, CA Sales and Distribution (Pty) Ltd, is a notable event. The directors who accepted these options, including Duncan Lewis, Frans Reichert, Claude Hassett, Kaushik Shah, Vikas Mehta, and Grant Gooding, hold executive positions within the company or its subsidiary.

Key Information Regarding the Options

The options were awarded on 25 March 2024, with a strike price of 1,129 ZAR cents per share. The number of options accepted by each director varies, with Duncan Lewis accepting 630,100 options, Frans Reichert accepting 398,600 options, Claude Hassett accepting 308,900 options, Kaushik Shah accepting 136,600 options, Vikas Mehta accepting 124,400 options, and Grant Gooding accepting 57,700 options.

Vesting Dates and Exercise Period

These options will vest in four tranches of 25% each on the following dates: 25 March 2026, 25 March 2027, 25 March 2028, and 25 March 2029. After vesting, participants have a 180-day period to exercise their options.

Regulatory Compliance and Governance

The clearance obtained in terms of paragraph 3.66 of the JSE Limited Listings Requirements reflects the company’s commitment to regulatory compliance and sound corporate governance practices. Such compliance is essential for maintaining investor confidence and market integrity.


The acceptance of options by directors of CA Sales Holdings Limited and its major subsidiary reflects a strategic approach to talent retention, aligning incentives, and driving long-term value creation. This event highlights the interplay between corporate governance, financial incentives, and shareholder interests in the dynamic landscape of finance and business.



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