DBSA’s Board: New Faces, Bold Directions

  • DBSA Board Committee Changes: DBSA announced new appointments and changes in key committees for strategic growth and decision-making.
  • Diverse Leadership: The appointments reflect DBSA's commitment to diversity, bringing fresh perspectives and expertise to critical roles.
  • Commitment to Integrity: DBSA emphasizes ethical practices and strong financial integrity, ensuring alignment with the Bank's vision.
Development Bank of Southern Africa

The Development Bank of Southern Africa Limited (DBSA) has undergone a notable transformation in its leadership structure with key appointments and changes within its Board Committees, effective from October 11, 2023. These alterations are aimed at strengthening the Bank’s strategic direction and ensuring its continued commitment to its stakeholders.

Board Credit and Investment Committee (BCIC)

In the reshuffling of roles, Ms. Disebo Moephuli, Dr. Chantal Naidoo, and Ms. Zodwa Mbele have been appointed as new members of the BCIC, an essential committee overseeing the Bank’s credit and investment activities. The BCIC will now be chaired by Ms. Martie Janse van Rensburg, who succeeds Ms. Anu Sing. This change in leadership reflects DBSA’s dedication to maintaining a robust and diverse team at the helm of critical decision-making processes.

Infrastructure Delivery and Knowledge Management Committee (IDKC)

Mr. Joel Netshitenzhe and Prof. Edgar Pieterse have joined the IDKC, responsible for overseeing infrastructure projects and knowledge management initiatives. Their inclusion is expected to bring fresh perspectives and expertise to the committee, enhancing DBSA’s ability to drive impactful infrastructure development.

Human Resources and Remuneration Committee (HRC)

The HRC, crucial in ensuring fair employment practices and remuneration structures within DBSA, welcomes Mr. Ebrahim Rasool and Mr. Jonathan Muthige as new members. Their experience will be instrumental in fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment.

Social and Ethics Committee (SEC)

The SEC, overseeing social and ethical aspects of the Bank’s operations, has seen a significant overhaul. Mr. Jonathan Muthige, Mr. Joel Netshitenzhe, Dr. Chantal Naidoo, and Ms. Boitumelo Mosako are the new additions, emphasizing DBSA’s commitment to ethical business practices. Additionally, Mr. Kenneth Brown has been appointed as the Chairperson, succeeding Prof. Mark Swilling. These changes signify the Bank’s dedication to upholding the highest standards of social responsibility.

Audit and Risk Committee (ARC)

The ARC, responsible for overseeing DBSA’s financial reporting and risk management, has welcomed Dr. Chantal Naidoo, Ms. Disebo Moephuli, and Mr. Barry Hore as new members. Mr. Bongani Nqwababa is the newly appointed Chairperson, taking over from Ms. Martie Janse van Rensburg. These appointments, pending ratification at the next Annual General Meeting, emphasize DBSA’s focus on maintaining strong financial integrity and risk management practices.

These changes ensure that DBSA’s Board Committees are aligned with the Bank’s vision for the future. By integrating diverse talents and experiences, DBSA is poised to navigate the dynamic landscape of development banking successfully.



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