Board Shake-Up: Pembury Lifestyle Group’s Director Resigns

  • Pembury Lifestyle Group Limited announces the resignation of Ms. Pretty Nondeyi, a Non-Executive Director.
  • The departure is in compliance with the JSE Limited's Listings Requirements, ensuring prompt shareholder notification.
  • Pembury Lifestyle Group expresses gratitude for Ms. Nondeyi's contributions and remains committed to effective governance and future prospects.
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Lethabo Ntsoane

Pembury Lifestyle Group Limited recently announced significant changes to its Board of Directors, in line with the requirements of the JSE Limited. The company informed its shareholders about the resignation of Ms. Pretty Nondeyi, a Non-Executive Director, effective from 12 July 2023.

The departure of a board member often draws attention, and shareholders and stakeholders keenly observe the implications of such changes. In this context, Pembury Lifestyle Group provided insight into the resignation of Ms. Nondeyi and acknowledged her contributions while looking ahead to the company’s future.

Farewell to Ms. Pretty Nondeyi

Ms. Pretty Nondeyi, a Non-Executive Director, has been an integral part of the Pembury Lifestyle Group’s Board. Her resignation, as announced on 17 July 2023, marks a notable shift in the company’s governance structure. Pembury Lifestyle Group’s adherence to the JSE Limited’s Listings Requirements ensures that shareholders are promptly informed about changes within the board.

Table: Changes to the Board of Directors

NamePositionEffective Date
Ms. Pretty NondeyiNon-Executive Director12 July 2023

Ms. Nondeyi’s decision to step down from her position as a Non-Executive Director signifies a significant change within the company’s leadership. Her role as a director would have involved providing valuable independent perspectives and participating in key decision-making processes. The Board expressed its appreciation for her dedication and service during her tenure and extended warm wishes for her future endeavors.

Impact on Pembury Lifestyle Group

While the news of a director’s resignation can cause some uncertainty among stakeholders, Pembury Lifestyle Group assured its shareholders that it remains focused on its strategic objectives. The company’s commitment to transparency in disclosing this development exemplifies its dedication to good corporate governance.

With the departure of Ms. Nondeyi, Pembury Lifestyle Group might explore filling the vacancy with a qualified individual who can complement the expertise of the existing board members. The selection of a new Non-Executive Director is crucial, as it can significantly influence the company’s decision-making processes and governance practices.

Looking Ahead: Governance and Future Prospects

As Pembury Lifestyle Group moves forward, it will continue to prioritize effective governance and board leadership. The company’s dedication to maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements underscores its commitment to transparency and accountability to shareholders.

The Board’s stability and composition play a pivotal role in driving the company’s growth and success. As such, Pembury Lifestyle Group is likely to focus on identifying a suitable candidate to fill the vacant position and further enhance its corporate governance practices.


Pembury Lifestyle Group’s announcement of the resignation of Ms. Pretty Nondeyi as a Non-Executive Director marks a significant moment in the company’s governance journey. While change can be met with uncertainty, Pembury Lifestyle Group’s commitment to open communication with its shareholders demonstrates its dedication to good corporate governance practices.

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