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Investec rewards program review 2023 | Rateweb
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Investec rewards program review 2023

You can get money back for your money when you use the Investec rewards program, which is only for people who have a private bank account at Investec. It’s possible for members to get points from Investec’s partners in the lifestyle, shopping, travel and financial fields. Individual and business account holders are part of the Investec rewards program. The more you swipe your card at Investec partner stores, the more points you get.

How do Investec Rewards Work?

To get points, you have to use your Investec card when you buy things at Investec partner stores. There are a lot of malls in South Africa where you can use your rewards points instead of just one. Members can spend their rewards at different stores if they spend them at certain malls instead of specific stores. Reward points that members earn can be used to buy things like gifts and treats for other people.

Who should take part in the Investec Rewards program?

Investec has put some strict measures to ensure that their rewards go to the most deserving bankers. Qualification to the rewards program is merely by virtue of having an Investec account. However, earning points require special attention to your banking habits.

To be eligible for the rewards program the following must be achieved,

  • Each account must be registered separately and unless otherwise advised, and
  • The account holder must be in possession of a valid card.

From the two stipulations from Investec bank, it is clear that an account should be open and be in good standing to participate in the rewards program.

Earning Investec Rewards Points

It is now time to learn how you will get points in the Investec Rewards program. You need to figure out what you need to do to get points. Do not shoot in the dark and expect to get points. As soon as you open an account with Investec, points can start being earned and added to your account. This statement is important because it lets you know when you can start getting reward points.

If you want to get points, you have to use your Investec card at Investec partner stores. If you spend R5 with your Investec Visa and R10 with your business card, you get 1 reward point.

There are additional points that you can earn too. You can earn additional points on selected partners if you:

  • Spend at Travel by Investec. You will earn an additional 0.5 bonus points.
  • Spend at selected retail partners. You have an opportunity to earn a further 1 bonus point.
  • Every time you purchase a vehicle through Bidvest McCarthy Call-a-car and finance through Investec. You will earn an additional 1 point.

How to earn Investec rewards points

People who have an account can have a great time when they earn points. The fact that you have points means that you are most likely making good money decisions. Plus, you get money back for spending. Investec rewards programs offer rewards for a wide range of lifestyles, shopping, travel, and other businesses. To answer the question, why not get paid for doing the things you have to do with money?

People who bank with Investec Bank should keep the following things in mind when they go shopping.

Travel rewards

Investec bank has its own exclusive travel agency called Travel by Investec. By using Travel by Investec you get competitive quotes on local and international flights, accommodation, car hire, cruises, and rail tours. Should you decide to make a booking via Travel By Investec using your Investec card, you will receive a further 0.5 bonus points. This means that for every R5 you spend on your personal card you will 1.5 points.

Financial rewards

Investec bank gives account holders money if they make better financial decisions. The bank gives you ways to save, invest, and grow your money, so you can earn more money. It’s clear that the bank cares about the financial well-being of its clients. It will make a difference in your banking life if you get money for good work. When you marry, you will be able to invest in your own future, as well as that of your spouse and children.

Also, you will be able to save for your retirement or get insurance for your life, your home, and your health, among other things. You can use your money in many ways. Members of the Investec rewards program can invest their reward money in a unit trust. To make money in the future, you can use this method. Financial rewards can also be used to pay for account service fees each month.

Shopping rewards

Investec has a reward program that lets people use their points to buy things. Shopping points can be used any time. Shopping points, on the other hand, can only be used in batches of 7500 points, which is worth R250. To use your shopping rewards, you need to go to one of Investec’s partner malls to do your shopping. South African malls are some of Investec’s partners, and they work with some of them. You can go shopping in 12 malls in Gauteng alone, and there are a lot of them.

Lifestyle rewards

You can enjoy your rewards for lifestyle experiences. Rewards can be used for spa visits. You will also earn points when you visit a spa in South Africa.


Investec reward program offers interesting rewards for those who keep their accounts healthy. Making correct financial decisions can earn you points in the process of living a financially healthy life.