FNB Gold Business Credit Card Review 2022

FNB Gold Business Credit Card

The FNB Gold Business Credit Card allows enterprises to progress up the credit card lending ladder. The FNB Gold Business Credit Card, as a first-tier credit card, introduces small businesses to credit card lending while also allowing them to upgrade as their business grows. The FNB Gold Business Credit card is only available to registered businesses. To qualify for the Gold Business credit card, you must first open a business bank account with FNB. Businesses who do not have a FNB account are not eligible to apply for the FNB Gold Business Credit card.

The FNB Gold Business Credit Card includes a credit facility account as well as a transactional account for enterprises. The transactional account is then linked to a single credit card, which makes transactions easier. The credit card can subsequently be used to make purchases online or in-store.

The FNB Gold Business credit card is very affordable and comes with a number of free services. Free services include:

  • Credit card monthly rewards fee, 
  • Courier delivery, 
  • Branch delivery, 
  • Prepaid transaction on FNB digital platforms, 
  • Linked account transfers, 
  • IVR Smart transfer to FNB, 
  • FNB credit card purchases, 
  • FNB credit card budget purchases, and 
  • Cash withdrawals at tills.

The above-listed free services come at no additional cost and hence they render the Gold Business Credit card somewhat affordable to its tier competitors. 

FNB Gold Business Credit Card Summary 

For businesses with a FNB check account, the FNB Gold Business Credit Card is a first-tier business credit card. The credit card is aimed particularly at businesses with minimal yearly turnover. The credit card has a monthly fee of R52.00 and a maximum Initiation fee of R175.00, which is determined by the qualifying credit of the firm. Businesses who require additional cards will be charged R17.50 per card, with free courier delivery or pick-up at a specified FNB branch. At the tills, credit card purchases and withdrawals are also free. Withdrawals from a FNB ATM, on the other hand, cost R2.00 for every R100.00 withdrawn.

Transfers to a linked FNB account are free, however transfers to a third-party account cost R9.00. Because both telephone banking and transfers at a FNB branch cost R80.00 each transaction, call-assisted and branch transfers should be avoided.

FNB Gold Business Credit card Benefits 

  1. The credit card comes with unlimited free card swipes both local and international. 
  2. Businesses get personalized interest rates that are competitive. Interest rates are determined based on the business’s individual risk profile. 
  3. Credit Cardholders get an opportunity to earn eBucks rewards points on selected purchases. A maximum of 40% in cashback can be earned on qualifying purchases. 
  4. Businesses get access to a budget facility with repayment periods of 6 – 60 months for purchases of R200.00 or more. 
  5. Businesses get exclusive recurring FNB offers from retailers such as:
    1. The Pro Shop, 
    2. Cycle lab, 
    3. iStore, and more
  6. Credit cardholders get free automatic debt protection. 
  7. Clients get free global travel insurance covering them locally and internationally when they buy their return travel tickets using their FNB Gold Business Credit card. This travel insurance offer is for flights and road travel. 
  8. The credit card charges a relatively low monthly service fee of R52.00
  9. Clients get 24/7 assistance globally through the GCAS program by Visa. 
  10. Comes with an option to move unexpected medical transactions to a budget of over 6 months at a promotional interest rate. 

FNB Gold Business Credit card Fees 2022

Fee description Fee
Credit facility services feeR52.00
Initiation feeUp to R175.00
Credit card monthly account feeR35.00
Additional card feeR17.50
FNB credit card purchase feeFree
FNB credit card budget purchase feeFree
Cash Withdrawal at an FNB ATM R2.00 per R100.00 
Cash Withdrawal at other banks’ ATMsR10.00 + FNB ATM fee
FNB mini ATM withdrawal feeR2.00 per R100.00
FNB branch withdrawal feeR80.00 + R2.50 per R100.00
Cash on budge  feeR80.00 + R2.85 per R100.00 
International ATM and branch withdrawal feeR80 + R2.50 per R100.00 
Cash at till withdrawal feeFree
Deposit at an FNB ATMR1.10 per R100.00 
Deposit at an FNB branchR80.00 + R2.50 per R100.00 
IVR Smart linked transfers to FNBFree
Linked account transfers Free
Third-party paymentsR9.00
Consultant assisted paymentsR80.00
Transfers and payments at FNB branchR80.00
Voucher request localR105.00
Voucher request international R295.00
International card delivery feeR700.00
Card replacement feeOne free replacement per year, thereafter R120.00 per card
Courier and branch card delivery feeFree
FNB Gold Business Credit card Fees 2022

Competitive Advantages of the FNB Gold Business Credit card 

  • Clients have the opportunity to earn cash back when they make purchases with their credit cards
  • The monthly fee is low. 
  • The credit card comes with a number of free transactions. 
  • Clients get free card replacement each year. 
  • The credit card comes with free automatic debt protection. 
  • Clients get free travel insurance when they buy return tickets with their FNB Gold Business Credit card. 
  • Comes with a flexible budget facility

Competitive Disadvantages of the FNB Gold Business Credit card 

  • The credit card doesn’t have interest-free purchases. 
  • The credit card doesn’t have hotel and car rental benefits. 

How to qualify for the Credit card 

  1. Must have a registered business in South Africa.
  2. Have an account with FNB 
  3. Have ID documents of the authorized signatory. 
  4. The ID of the person you want the card for. 
  5. A mandate to appoint an authorized signatory. 


The FNB Gold Business Credit Card is a smart method to get a business credit card. The credit card has little transaction fees, but it does offer freebies to entice people to bank with FNB. Branch fees, on the other hand, are higher and include an R2.00 surcharge for every R100.00 withdrawn, thus branch transactions should be avoided.

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