Coronation living annuity review 2022

A living annuity from Coronation ensures income at retirement which members can outlive if investment in the plan is closely managed. The Coronation living annuity pays income at retirement according to the investor’s specifications. Withdrawals on the plan can be done either monthly, quarterly, biannually, or yearly. Withdrawals come with some restrictions that are there[…]

PSG wealth retirement annuity review 2022

Retirement planning is essential, and one way to do it while still working is to invest in a retirement annuity. A platform that can be utilized to make such savings is the PSG wealth retirement annuity. The platform allows you to save money on a monthly, quarterly, biannually, yearly, or a one-time basis. A PSG[…]

Metropolitan Retirement Income Plans Review 2022

There are too many things that you can do with your retirement savings payout like buying a boat or going on a month-long vacation. Life doesn’t stop when you retire and losing your regular income can impact your financial status in the future.  You need to invest some or all of your retirement savings payout[…]

Metropolitan Retirement Savings Plans Review 2022

Planning for retirement is crucial nowadays since life expectancy in South Africa keeps on increasing from year to year. Metropolitan thus offers retirement annuities that are designed to help you reach your long-term goals.  Plans that are available for retirement are meant to help you retire comfortably.  The Metropolitan Automatic Inflation Management ensures that your[…]

Metropolitan Investment Income Plans Review 2022

Getting an income other than a salary can be ideal especially if the income is guaranteed. Metropolitan offers investment plans that provide regular income packages and that payout according to your specifications.  With the Metropolitan Investment Income Plans, you get to save money for different purposes, whether it is for your monthly groceries, bond payment,[…]

Momentum Retirement Administrators for Corporates Review 2022

Administration of funds requires a certain skill set and due diligence. A lot of things can go wrong if funds are not handled accordingly. The changes in the financial markets and the triumph of technology have since demanded fund administrators to always be up to date with what is going on in the financial markets. […]

Momentum Funds at work Umbrella Fund Review 2022

Saving for retirement has never been as serious as it is today. The world has been faced with many challenges, and a pandemic like the Coronavirus can create more harm to anyone’s finances, including those that are retired. Investing in retirement has, therefore, become necessary to ensure that one can cope in difficult situations.  Businesses[…]

Momentum Guaranteed Life Annuities Review 2022

 There is no better way to retire than to have a guaranteed retirement annuity. Momentum offers a guaranteed annuity with its Guaranteed retirement annuity. The annuity comes with many advantages such as receiving regular income, a guarantee of your principal investment and getting annual increase options.  Momentum gives retirees an assurance that goes a long[…]

Momentum Group Insurance Review 2022

As an employer, you need to make sure that your employees are productive. Their level of productivity isn’t only a matter of high remuneration but there are other things that can make them more productive such as knowing that their personal needs are taken care of. Making sure that their health needs and families are[…]

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