Real Estate

Income Property Explained

What is Income Property?  Income Property is a piece of real estate that is purchased and developed with the purpose of generating income through renting or leasing the purchased or developed property to others.  Other than buying a property for the purpose of income, the secondary purpose of income property is to purchase or develop[…]

10 reasons why Real Estate is the best investment in South Africa

Real Estate Investing has proven to be one of the best businesses to invest in the world over. The trade has bred billionaires. You cannot go wrong with real Estate Investing in South Africa. You might be wondering which is the best investment in South Africa. Well, Real Estate is not only the safest investment[…]

10 Assets that Rich South Africans are investing 2022

As we go about our daily lives and run our businesses, investment plays a significant role in practically every decision we make. A poor investment can devastate not just your life and career, but also future generations. It is critical to understand what sets the bulk of wealthy South Africans apart. They simply know which[…]

10 tips to get approved for a mortgage loan

Getting approved for a mortgage loan can be very blissful. I remember when I got my first approval for a mortgage loan, I was in delirium. This meant a cancellation of rent expenses. A warm welcome to mortgage instalments. Though it may be different for you, getting a mortgage loan approved is fulfilling whether it’s[…]

10 steps to investing in real estate in South Africa 2022

If you know and understand what you’re doing, real estate investing in South Africa may be a lucrative experience, but it can also be unpleasant if you act rashly. We spoke with a number of folks who are well-versed in real estate investing. What is the truth about property investment? Real estate is said to[…]

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