South African Fintech e4 Acquired by Private Equity Consortium to Accelerate Expansion

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Lethabo Ntsoane
  • South African fintech e4 has been acquired by a private equity consortium led by Infinite Partners in a ZAR1 billion ($52.5 million) deal.
  • The acquisition provides e4 with the necessary capital to advance its expansion plans and strengthen its position as a digital transformation specialist.
  • e4’s expertise lies in providing innovative solutions and services, with a focus on software development and business automation, particularly in the proptech sector.

In a major development for the South African fintech landscape, e4, a leading digital transformation specialist, has announced its acquisition by a consortium of private equity investors. The acquisition, valued at ZAR1 billion ($52.5 million), is being led by independent private equity fund manager Infinite Partners. This deal will provide e4 with the necessary capital to propel its expansion plans to the next level and solidify its position as a key player in the industry.

e4 has gained recognition for its custom, innovative solutions and services, which include software development and business automation. With a strong focus on software as a service (SaaS), the company has successfully leveraged its technological expertise to revolutionize customer processes and become a driving force for digitalization in South Africa. Over the past 20 years, e4 has built a reputation as a pioneer in digital transformation, with digital enablement forming a core element of its business ethos.

e4’s influence extends beyond its core offerings, as the company has emerged as a central figure in numerous transactional ecosystems, particularly within the proptech space. Its innovative solutions have addressed the needs of various sectors, establishing e4 as a trusted partner. In 2021, the company expanded its operations to the United Kingdom, where it focuses on building relationships with mortgage lenders, conveyancing firms, and other strategic partners.

The acquisition also includes 27four, a diversified financial services group known for its innovative investment strategies and support for independent asset managers. This partnership will further enhance e4’s capabilities and strengthen its growth potential.

Leading the consortium, Infinite Partners is an African private equity fund manager that spun out from Ethos Private Equity in 2022. Known for its ethical sustainable investing principles, Infinite Partners seeks partnerships driven by both value and values. Edward Pitsi, CEO of Infinite Partners, expressed his excitement about e4’s growth potential, highlighting the importance of expanding the company’s market penetration and following its well-established “blueprint adoption” strategy.

Pitsi also emphasized the significant growth opportunities in adjacent sectors and the recent expansion of e4 into the UK market. With the UK’s total addressable market being over 10 times that of South Africa, the acquisition opens up substantial possibilities for e4’s future success. Infinite Partners aims to provide comprehensive support to e4’s management team during this expansion phase, leveraging their experience in managing growth agendas, providing strategic input, and securing growth capital to ensure favorable outcomes.

Naomi Nethengwe, Principal at Infinite Partners, acknowledged the structural growth potential of e4’s proptech offering within the digital and tech sector. Nethengwe highlighted the extensive investment and time it took to build e4’s world-class technology stack, foreseeing a significant runway for international expansion due to the exportability and global relevance of e4’s technology.

The acquisition of e4 by the private equity consortium underlines the company’s exceptional track record and promising future growth prospects. With the infusion of capital and strategic support from the consortium, e4 is poised to accelerate its expansion efforts, solidify its market position, and continue leading the digitalization initiatives in South Africa and beyond.

Lethabo Ntsoane

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